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Webinar: How to Build a Digital Wallet in 2024

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11:00 AM New York | 4:00 PM London | 18:00 Kyiv

May 22 Wednesday Online (Zoom)

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About the event


Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by 4IRE and RNDpoint, where industry experts will provide insights into building and scaling digital wallets in 2024.
Throughout the session, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on effective strategies, essential partnerships, and licensing requirements crucial for a successful digital wallet launch.
Learn how to navigate the legal and regulatory framework, identify strategic alliances with banks, fintechs, and technology providers, and discover key tactics for reaching a broader audience.
Our experts will also be available to answer your prepared questions, allowing you to gain further clarity on key topics.

Who will benefit from this event?

Here are reasons to attend:

Explore the most effective strategies for building and scaling a digital wallet in 2024
Explore options for assistance in acquiring licenses
Know additional service providers needed for a successful launch
Get the answers to all your questions regarding digital wallet development

About the speakers

Andrii Klesov
CEO at 4IRE & RNDpoint

Andrew is a seasoned FinTech professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge in digital banking, compliance, and security. Prior to his current role, he served as Vice President at Mastercard and held management positions at Bain & Company.
Andrew is also the CEO and Co-Founder of MobID, a leading KYC & AML SaaS solution.
Launched a NEObank, guiding it from the presentation stage to securing a license and acquiring the first 100k users.

Diana Zozulia
Business Development Manager at 4IRE

With a rich background in blockchain, Diana is an expert consultant and product owner of FinTech projects, showcasing her deep understanding and proficiency in Fintech and Banking solutions. As a Client Success and blockchain expert of 3+ years, Diana is driving innovation in Fintech and Web3 solutions for businesses of all sizes.


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