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Compliance Software for Healthcare Organizations

Key functionality development for an innovative B2B SaaS product for employee onboarding in the healthcare industry.

Credentially: Innovative Compliance Software for Healthcare Organizations

RNDpoint participated in an innovative B2B SaaS product for employee onboarding and credentialing in the healthcare industry. The outcomes of our work included UNA service integration and the creation of advanced authentication solutions.

Client’s Profile 

Credentially is a B2B SaaS solution for employee credentialing and onboarding in the healthcare industry. The company was established in 2016 and now has offices in London and Lisbon. 

Credentially has developed from Techstars London accelerator and won multiple awards for bringing tech innovation to the healthcare sector, including: 

  • HealthTech Awards 2020
  • UCL Bright Ideas Award

About the Product

The Credentially SaaS platform is a fully automated product that helps healthcare providers onboard new staff and check their credentials to ensure compliance within only 5 days. 

The app has direct integrations with governmental resources and uses deep learning technology to ensure advanced credentialing, onboarding, and compliance automation across the hiring process. 

The system’s administrator in every client company can set up and adjust the whole process with business-specific configurations.

Client’s Requirements 

The client needed a team with expertise in working with FinTech startups that would function autonomously and help it with product development. 

Our task was to improve the product and develop new functionality. One of the main requirements was to automate the tasks performed by senior management in order to reduce their workload.  

The RNDpoint team had to study the existing functionality of Credentially to contribute to its further development by completing internal and external business tasks.

Business Challenge 

The biggest challenge our team faced was the integration of the UNA system. We had to develop sufficient functionality for the system’s users without excessive time and resource expenditures.

Also, RNDpoint faced the challenge of identifying the right decision-makers in the client’s company to negotiate business and technical project requirements. Before starting the project, we conducted a thorough stakeholders analysis and clearly defined the role and level of involvement of each of them. Time has shown that this was one of the key factors in the success of the Credentially project.


A team of eight RNDpoint experts worked on the Credentially project: 

  • Project Coordinator / Scrum Master
  • 2 Team Leads
  • Senior Java Developer
  • 2 Java Developers
  • QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst

The team worked using the Scrum methodology of 2-week sprints. It presupposes running the timeboxed events, such as: 

  • Sprint planning 
  • Daily Scrum 
  • Sprint review 
  • Sprint retrospective 

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Project Phases

Phase 1. UNA Integration 

RNDpoint’s work in the Credentially project first involved UNA Professional Tests integration via API. 

The UNA service allows system administrators to assign professional assessments to applicants for skills testing. Candidates can register on the UNA platform, view all assigned tests on-site, view their results, and undertake the assigned assessments from their UNA profiles. 

Administrators also derive many benefits from UNA integration, as they can view the candidates’ assessment results and profiles and automate the onboarding process for applicants on the platform. 

Integration with the UNA service took one month (June-July 2022). 

Phase 2. SSO, Sign-Up, and Log In 

The RNDpoint improved the user authorization and registration system by adding the option for third-party SAML 2.0 providers for sign-up/log-in (e.g., AD, OKTA, Microsoft, Google, etc.). 

We were required to preserve the existing passless flow of authorization and create a separate configuration for every client organization. An additional task was to make co-branding of the authorization page. 

We partnered with the client company’s technical director to introduce improvements to the existing authorization flow and keep the process compliant with business and architecture requirements. 

In the original flow, users could only sign up or log in to the platform using a magic link sent to their email. Our new solution presupposed a separate authorization server and SAML SSO integration for authorization via SAML SSO provider links. 

Every registered healthcare organization at the Credentially system has an opportunity to add its SAML 2.0 SSO providers, and this option is configurable on the organizational level. 

Phase 3. Two-Factor Authentication 

Initially, Credentially used only one authentication parameter – the user’s email. The RNDpoint team added the second phone number parameter to the authentication process. 

We’ve developed a technical flow of sending SMS messages with a confirmation code via Twilio for further authorization on the Credentially platform. System users can configure this parameter on the organizational level. 

Phases 2 and 3 took us three months to complete (August-October 2022).

Solution Delivered 

As a result of UNA API integration, the Credentially platform has expanded its functionality for the collection, analysis, and approval of candidates based on the employer’s requirements. 

The new system functions have enabled the convenient collection of all candidates’ data and test summary results in the UNA profiles. 

The RNDpoint team has also explored and evaluated the advanced authentication system’s development by adding the second authentication layer and equipping the platform with the SAML 2.0 SSO sign-up/login feature.   

The client is satisfied with the work of our team. The project is ongoing, and we continue to develop new functionality and provide technical support for the platform.


IndustryHealthcare, Recruitment
ExpertiseB2B, SaaS
technologiesAWS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Spring, TypeScript
locationUnited Kingdom
team8 experts
timeline4 months
They provided us with a dedicated team of developers within a week. We are happy with the quality of delivery. It made outsourcing development to RNDpoint a preferred option for internally hiring and managing a team.
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