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RNDpoint Empowered a KYC Organization with Several Dedicated Development Teams

Successful cooperation with a KYC organization on staff augmentation services. Working on two continents and providing three dedicated development teams.

Executive Summary 

Client Profile 

The Client (the name is anonymized under NDA arrangements) is a provider of AI-powered identity verification solutions. It renders services to all kinds of digital businesses on quick and secure user identity verification and authentication to minimize fraud and ensure rigorous KYC/AML compliance without disrupting the user experience. 

The company is a renowned market leader, with solutions universally suited to various industries, such as FinTech and banking, online games, and sharing economy projects. 

The Client has a broad regional presence, with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. 

Business Challenge 

The Client contacted RNDpoint with a request for a dedicated development team for the current projects. They needed to augment their team with appropriately qualified experts to complement their staff working on FinTech software. 

Value Delivered 

RNDpoint has captured the Client’s tech talent requirements and adopted a client-oriented approach to compiling a dedicated development team that fully met the Client’s needs and expectations. We also managed to optimize the recruitment pipeline, which allowed us to close the Client’s staffing needs quickly.

The Success Story in Detail 

Business Challenge 

The Client turned to RNDpoint with a request for their in-house team augmentation with appropriately qualified staff. They needed developers with various tech stacks for several in-house software projects. 

The company partnered with us to get a dedicated development team, which could be scaled up and down dynamically based on the changing staffing needs. The Client has many regional offices, and our team mainly worked with its Indian and Austrian teams. 

The initial request was to augment the in-house team with developers with FinTech expertise, as the Client had just initiated a new project in that area. RNDpoint was an ideal match for that purpose, as our programmers have in-depth FinTech knowledge and a firm grasp of KYC standards. 

Based on the positive outcomes of our team’s work on this project, the Client’s managers started recommending RNDpoint to other departments. As a result, our team joined two other projects on the Client’s side and contributed to several software products. 

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At the first stage of our work on the Client’s project, its Austrian office team was augmented with our Java developers, QA specialists, and QA automation experts. 

Some time later, we were hired for another project. We partnered with the Austrian PoC (Proof of Concept) department, which developed various business ideas and then presented them to the management board. Our Angular programmers participated in the PoC department’s operations. 

On the recommendation of our client’s managers, several developers were hired by the Indian development department. There, we faced many varied staffing requests. The Indian office made many requests for staff qualified in Drools (BRMS module) programming, Java, and QA. 

The RNDpoint team was presented with the KYC functionality development tasks on the Client’s projects. Our developers looked for solutions to existing problems, conducted research, and developed white-label software solutions. All project work was challenging; it stretched considerably beyond troubleshooting and debugging the existing code. 

The entire control of the workflow was conducted on the Client’s side. Project Managers oversaw the development process and set tasks for the dedicated development team at RNDpoint.

Recruitment Process 

The Client is a large company with an extensive need to hire outside developers. The primary task of RNDpoint was to optimize the recruitment process so that we could address their staffing needs on time. 

Our ability to promptly satisfy the staffing needs was one of the key parameters in our dedicated team service contract, so we had to comply with rigorous deadlines throughout our partnership. 

Several Delivery managers on the Client’s side were responsible for recruitment and continually sent us developer inquiries. To address this challenge, we have formulated the following algorithm. 

#1 Kick-Off with Managers 

The recruitment process started with a kick-off meeting with the Client’s managers, at which we discovered the type of developers they were looking for. 

Proper candidate selection is a tricky process that requires an in-depth understanding of all the details: the required tech stack, the type of tasks that the developer will need to complete, etc. So, we covered all these issues during the meeting. 

Then, we provided several candidates for the interview on the same day to allow the Client to select the best-matched talent for their current vacancy. 

Due to technical pre-screening, the Client’s recruiters spent much less time reviewing the resumes and candidate profiles. The Client received a quick overview of the candidate’s skills for rapid and efficient hiring decision-making. 

RNDpoint also provided the service of external recruitment. We screened and contacted appropriately skilled developers outside our team to propose their candidacies to the Client in cases of relevant talent gaps or shortages in our team. 

#2 Job Candidate Interviewing 

The Client held interviews with the candidates we had selected. Our HR managers had consulting sessions with the Client’s representatives after the interviews to seek feedback and understand the reasons for candidate refusal (in many cases, it was not about the programmer’s qualification but about the tasks required from them on the project). This feedback allowed us to refine the candidate selection parameters and better understand the Client’s inquiries and needs. 

Our individual approach to every vacancy inquiry on the project allowed us to close the vacancy quickly. Such rapid recruitment procedures resulted in a high level of Client satisfaction with the quality of work performed on our side.  

#3 Developer Onboarding

After the candidate’s successful recruitment, RNDpoint’s HR managers got partially involved in their onboarding. 

The Client is a KYC-related business delivering top-level security solutions; thus, giving new staff access to sensitive information without adequate preparation was impossible. 

The newly hired programmers had to complete numerous documents, forms, and contracts. It was not just about signing an NDA; the developers had to agree to background checks and other review forms for corporate security purposes and provide their personal data for inspection. 

The onboarding was very rigorous and could last up to several weeks. 


Our work resulted in the effective and quick fulfillment of the Client’s staffing needs by finding developers with relevant tech stacks and expertise. 

We have provided a fully client-oriented approach to staff recruitment, finding and screening candidates for various specialties for the Client’s different regional offices. 

Besides, we have built an optimal recruitment pipeline that allows us to react to the Client’s staffing needs in real-time and close vacancies in compliance with the Client’s staffing requirements. 

The Client has become the long-term, dedicated partner of RNDpoint, and we continue working with this company to fulfill their staffing needs with dedicated programming staff.

IndustryFintech, KYC
locationAustria, India
timelineMar 2022 - ongoing
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