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Loop: eWallet and Payment Platform for a Saudi Arabian Client

Finalizing and launching the digital payment platform Loop. The audit of the already written code, improvement of the quality and security. 

Loop: eWallet and Payment Platform

Digital banking has already become a new reality. A new generation of customers born with tablets and smartphones in hand makes even traditional financial institutions introduce digital tools in their service offerings.

To succeed in that, financial companies should be very careful when choosing reliable and experienced digital service providers. If they fail, they can share the destiny of our client–Saudi Arabian digital bank–after dealing with a previous vendor with a lack of industry-specific expertise.

Client’s profile

BayanPay is a financial services startup based in Saudi Arabia. The company was licensed to set up a digital wallet. They engaged an outsourced software developer to create a digital wallet app.

However, the contracted vendor failed to create the application within negotiated deadlines due to the lack of expertise in the required field. That made BayanPay look for another software development company to build the functional app they needed.

Client’s Requirements

The CEO of BayanPay got in touch with our team asking to pick up the failed project. Our experts had to audit the already written code for quality and security, finish the development process, and prepare the software for the final launch.

The client also wanted stringent control and planning of the development process to avoid another failure. To speed up the process, BayanPay asked to engage more developers in the project as well.

After the initial code auditing, some additional requirements were uncovered. The adjustment of the software pipeline with DevOps tools was needed. And the project management required better tasks and bug tracking together with spring planning.

Bussiness challenges

There was no effective mechanism for tracking the project implementation process by the moment of contacting our team. The lack of workflow transparency hindered the visibility and monitoring of the app development to evaluate its viability.

On the way to making the product functional, our specialists outlined the following complications and challenges: 

  • Cumbersome project implementation approach
  • Inconsistent goal-setting and project planning
  • Outdated development technology
  • Issues in back-end development
  • Confusing coding logic
  • Two monoliths of web apps


On the basis of the work the initial vendor had already made, our team set up the primary task to ensure the stability of transactions, carry out the efficient integration of contact with the app, and embed transaction confirmation via a phone call (Unifonic). 

As well, our software engineers improved app safety by eliminating security vulnerabilities and bugs. The transition-related bugs were fixed and the integration with banks was achieved too.

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Solution Delivered

It took 6 months to lead the project to success. In the course of project implementation, there were 10 members of our team engaged at various stages, namely:

  • Product Owner
  • System Analyst
  • UI/UX designer
  • 2 back-end designers
  • 2 front-end designers
  • 2 QA testers
  • DevOps engineer

To ensure a successful project launch, we used the following technologies:

  • Java 7-8
  • Spring 3
  • Spring Security
  • Spring AOP
  • Spring Data JP
  • Hibernate
  • HQL
  • SQL
  • Flyway
  • MySQL
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • JBoss Application Server
  • ActiveMQ

After the profound app security auditing was over, our team launched a comprehensive rebranding campaign to ensure better marketability of the project.

Project Outcomes

Our technical team made tangible improvements to the software development process quality of the project. We engaged our most experienced, skillful, and disciplined specialists to deliver the best code quality. 

With better planning, timely milestone delivery, and code improvement, the final app version can ensure a secure and frictionless financial experience for individuals and businesses who choose the digital wallet for non-cash payments.

technologiesJavaScript, ReactJS, Spring
locationSaudi Arabia
timeline6 months +
They're one of the best teams we’ve worked with. They were very attentive. The process was very quick, it was easy to communicate with them. RNDpoint solved all of our requests and helped us with technical stuff. They delivered us high, professional quality. They’re good developers, and they have a great team.
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