Mortgage Loan Servicing Software by RNDpoint

Now, financial institutions and banks face a common challenge – lack of time and resources. It isn’t always an option to hire additional employees due to budget constraints and other factors. 

By taking full advantage of the mortgage loan origination software we implement, servicers, lenders, and mortgage originators can increase their efficiency and successfully navigate the industry’s latest changes without adding staff in their team.

Mortgage loan processing software benefits both mortgage service providers and borrowers. Usage of the right mortgage servicing software and web applications can streamline operations while containing costs and satisfying borrowers.

Mortgage acceleration software: application touch-points

The mortgage lending process is considered to be one of the more complex credit processes offered to customers. A thorough analysis of both customers and collaterals is crucial to make decisions for considerable amounts of money and long-term liabilities.

That’s why it is vital to assess customer creditworthiness properly, which significantly reduces the risk of potential losses. Consequently, the percentage of non-performing loans in a bank’s portfolio is also lowered. Banking software for loan processing will guide you throughout the whole process and help to automate the following stages:

  • mortgage application submission,
  • loan application analysis,
  • customer verification,
  • customer risk and credit rating (scoring),
  • credit decisions,
  • contract and fund disbursement.

Mortgage banking software: acceleration and automation

Many banks and financial institutions now implement mortgage loan software to accelerate mortgage loan service processes. RNDpoint’s team offers you mortgage processing software for improvement or even full automation of your employees’ workflows. 

The implementation of the mortgage software systems simultaneously goes hand in hand with streamlining internal banking procedures and business processes optimization. Mortgage banking software provides with perfect opportunity:

  • to shorten the time of granting mortgage loans
  • to reduce the human factor risk
  • to match customers’ offer better
  • to streamline your employees’ daily work

Mortgage application software increases the number of loans sold, without the need to hire additional staff, and reduces the risk of non-performing loans granted.

Peter ShubenokFounder&CEO at RNDpoint

Mortgage software

While mortgage providing is complex and time-consuming, we believe mortgage origination software doesn’t have to be. RNDpoint has made it straightforward.

The mortgage lending software developed and implemented by our specialists fully automates the issuing of mortgages, provides complete control over document flows, and ensures the high security of mortgage data exchange between the parties. In other words, we help our customers to cover all areas of their mortgage lending activities.

Customer comes first

  • Efficient processes. Automated processing allows you to speed up mortgage origination, including borrower verification, decision making, and underwriting.
  • Multichannel accessibility will let your customers apply for a mortgage loan online, arrange details in a branch, and sign documents online.
  • Paperless flow. By keeping all your documents digitized in a central repository, the mortgage origination software automatically generates document checklists and bank documents for your customers.
  • User-friendliness helps your mortgage advisors get a grasp of the system quickly.

Smoother internal operations

  • Reduced risk of errors. Automated verification and decision processes reduce manual processing and re-routing cases and, consequently, avoid missing important information.
  • Elimination of organizational barriers. Your mortgage advisors, operations officers, and other stakeholders will cooperate using communication tools installed in the system.
  • Improved cooperation with notaries and real estate experts for expert valuation or requests to a notary by using expert/notary search and mailing tools.
  • Easy collateral definition for specific mortgage loans and collateral data registration for each application.

Cost savings and controls over sales

  • Sales volume monitoring. When using management dashboards, you can easily monitor sales efficiency and structure.
  • Multi-product support. Mortgage banking software combines different features in one system: mortgages, refinancing loans, bullet loans, bridge loans, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance. Mortgage lending software will keep you compliant with international and local legislation.
  • Cost reduction. Enable your non-tech employees to make changes in the system. With fewer tickets to the IT department, as a result, you will reduce IT debt and save your money on tech support.

Faster implementation and control over sales

  • Easy integration allows your specialists to retrieve data from internal or third-party databases without manual data entry—easy and quick API integration.
  • Modular structure gives you the benefit of supporting each step of the mortgage origination process and implementing the solution in stages.
  • Experienced team. You can fully rely on RNDpoint’s vast experience in building and implementation of mortgage origination software for different clients.

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