• ABLE Origination

    ABLE Origination system automates the lending process from A to Z.
    For banks and finance companies, for consumer and commercial loans.


Loan origination software system

ABLE Origination software system automates the entire loan origination process front-to-back. The solution can operate with little to no human interaction and provide personalised offers based on 360° customer view. Maximize portfolio revenue, while providing unparalleled customer experience.

15 minutes

From application to disbursement

2 months

Minimal implementation period


Features are out of the box

100 %

Customisable platform

Trusted by Banks and Fintechs

Loan Application Processing Software

ABLE Origination solution has a modular basis and is highly configurable yet scalable to business requirements. The system automates the lending process at all stages:

  • Omnichannel application initiation
  • Data validation, integration with external data sources
  • Instant application decision and personalised offers
  • Debt consolidation, restructuring and customer negotiation capabilities
  • Loan disbursement automation

A credit origination solution for any product type

Retail loans

  • Cash loans
  • Credit cards
  • Refinancing
  • POS-loans
  • Mortgages
  • Auto-loans, etc.

Commercial loans

  • SME and entrepreneur financing
  • Investment lending
  • Credit lines
  • Overdraft
  • Leasing
  • Factoring, etc.
Loan application form

The agile platform for future growth

Powerful preconfigured features

  • Web forms for loan application data capture, verification and underwriting, credit committee
  • Extensible status model of the application, 15 statuses to be used out-of-the-box
  • Role-based access model, 400+ pre-configured permissions and 15+ roles 
  • Print form templates based on MS Excel
  • Administration, logging and audit functionality

Configurable Product catalog

  • For Retail, SME and Microfinance business lines
  • Flexible discounts and programs
  • Complex commissions calculations
  • Flexible collateral requirements 
  • Performance based pricing packages
New product

Smart data capture

  • Online checks, auto-filling and masks
  • Background checks when submitting a form to the next step
  • Codebooks and search in the application history

Multichannel interaction with customers

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, etc.
  • Two-way communication with a client
  • Flexible scenarios taking into account the last customer events
  • Universal API for integration of partner solutions

Personal offer calculation

  • Offer matrix calculation 
  • Selection and negotiation of loan terms with the client
  • 360° customer view for offer calculation
  • Restructuring and consolidation of loans

OCR and Documents recognition

  • Recognition of fields containing personal information in ID
  • Scanning of photos, stamps, holographic images
  • Matching of recognized information with the client’s profile
Text recognition

Application document management

  • Required documents attachment checks at every step
  • Tags for saved documents
  • Integration with existing document management system if required
  • Webcam integration for seamless client photo

Integration with 3rd party data and service providers

  • Integration with credit bureaus, pension and tax authorities/agencies, AML/KYC services and other services
  • Creation of a unified credit history report on the basis of reports from various bureaus and internal data repository
  • One page summary of various credit bureaus data
  • Caching of credit bureaus responses for cost optimization
3d party integration

Dashboards and analytical reporting

  • Extendable operational and analytical dashboards
  • Real-time information feeding 
  • Web-based OLAP analytical reporting
  • Capability to apply Machine Learning models for pre- and post-processing of reports

The loan origination platform endorsed by the market

  • Solution performance proven by performance tests and live production environments
  • Positive references about the platform and implementation team
  • Capabilities of HA/DR and horizontally scale based on Redhat-stack

Smart application decisions. Personalised offer for every client.

Capable of fully automated loan application decisions

  • Hard and soft eligibility rules for products, regions, client segments etc.
  • Credibility and affordability estimation for applicants and related parties
  • Calculation of verification level, recommendations for underwriting and Credit committee involvement
  • Decision engine can be used for online and batch decisioning

Personal offer calculation based on client’s risk level

  • Risk based offer matrix calculation
  • Credit limit matrix calculation based on estimated risk level and lifetime value of the client
  • Different offers for various proof of income and employment
  • Integration with internal or external Product catalog

Visual UI for rules configuration

  • All decision components are 100% visual (scripts are also available but not necessary)
  • Rule configuration assumes Business and Risk team users with no IT team involvement
  • Online validation of new changes
  • Work groups support
  • Versioning, release management capabilities

Scorecards of any complexity, Machine Learning models

  • Unlimited number of scorecards and model versions
  • ML model support as separate components and as Python scripts
  • Import of any models supported by PMML standard
  • Dual-scorecard and multi-scorecard matrixes and models

360°Customer View for application decisions

  • Application data enrichment from internal and external data sources
  • Data enrichment calls directly from decision flow
  • Risk-based pricing, LTV-based pricing
  • Behaviour-based and Event-based pricing

Powerful validation and testing, optimal decision strategy calculation

  • Online and batch testing of changes
  • Champion-challenger capabilities
  • Scenario analysis, what-if analysis at portfolio level
  • Decision modelling and optimisation capabilities

Analytical reporting for loan portfolio and models stability

  • Multi-dimensional reports based on OLAP 
  • Efficiency analysis for decision strategies and models, including Champion-challenger set-up
  • Population stability analysis

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