• Loan management software

    RNDpoint provides scalable loan software for lenders and banks.
    Explore the power of the ABLE Platform™, the true composable loan management system.
    Automate the entire credit lifecycle from origination to servicing and collections.

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End-to-end lending software

The Platform that supports all types of loans

Consumer lending

  • Personal loans

  • Microfinance & payday loans

  • Credit cards

  • POS loans

  • Mortgages

  • Auto finance

  • Refinancing loans, and more

Commercial lending

  • Business and SME lending

  • Merchant cash advance

  • Working capital

  • Credit line

  • Factoring and trade financing

  • Leasing and brokerage

  • Equipment financing, and more

ABLE Platform™ consists of 3 components that cover lending from origination to servicing and collections.

Loan Origination

  • Multichannel communication with a client, from application to disbursement
  • Fully automated decision-making process
  • Flexible product catalog and proposal matrix calculation
  • UI for application initiation and processing, smart data capture
  • OCR, built-in document management system
  • Remote account opening and credit disbursement
  • and much more

Loan Servicing

  • Cross-sell, up-sell, regular changing of limit and other terms
  • Personal offers and target promotions calculation
  • Recommendations customers retention
  • Recommendations for bad debt management
  • Immediate response to events (transactions, changes to accounts and customer data) as well batch calculations
  • Account and customer level strategies
  • UI for manual decision-making in ‘gray zone’, queues and personal tasks

Debt Collection

  • Pre-collection, Collection and Recovery process automation
  • Integration with IVE, including predictive and progressive mode
  • Configurable Web UI for all agents, personal and group tasks and queues 
  • Mobile application for Field collectors, GPS and offline-mode
  • Collection agency management, API for integration
  • Real-time and batch event processing 
  • High speed of changes in logic, processes and user screens
  • Powerful decision strategies and ML predictive models for bad debt treatment

Loan management software features

ABLE Platform™ covers up to 80% of business needs out-of-the-box, while keeping high adaptability to non-standard requirements. With highly scalable and microservice architecture, ABLE loan management system reduces cost of development and accelerates time to market. Standalone microservices support scale-out components and keep ABLE Platform™ up and running 24/7.

Security by design

Extendable access model. 400+ preconfigured user permissions and 15+ roles out of the box.

Enterprise Stack

Microservice architecture. Low-code components: Mendix, OutSystems, ProcessMIX, Loginom, etc.

Modular architecture

Flexible, modular design. New modules can be easily attached to cover the full credit lifecycle.

High performance

ABLE supports high load: more than 1 application per second. Simultaneously work with hundreds of concurrent users in the system.

Fast time to market

Lightweight implementation in 2 months: from the start of the project to the first issued loan. Proven and referenceable!


Up to 80% of business requirements can be covered by the out-of-the-box functionality. 100% of the functionality is open and customisable.

Trusted by banks and fintechs


Why clients choose ABLE Platform

  • One platform for the full customer lifecycle
  • Up to 80% of business requirements covered out of the box
  • Low Time-to-market: 2-4 months for the 1st product
  • 70% operational cost reduction, compared to manual process
  • Smooth customer experience: 15 seconds till application approval, 15 minutes for loan disbursement
  • AI powered precision of loan decision-making 

Explore capabilities powered by ABLE Platform™

For large or small financial organisations ABLE makes lending easier by improving customer onboarding, increasing transparency and streamlining back-office operations.

2 months

Time-to-market for the 1st product

15 min

from application to disbursement

80 %

of business requirements out of the box

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