Fraud Detection

Stop fraud at the border of organization

Fraud Detection Software

90% of organizations suffer from fraud. Many recognize the problem, few solve it.

It is critical to identify and prevent fraudulent activities in their early stages. This is not an easy task: scammers are constantly changing their tactics. If a company has no well-established tools to repel fraud, it is at risk of financial losses.

Our company offers effective strategies for fighting it: 

  • best fraud prevention solution implementation;
  • fraud detection software development.

Our Fraud Detection Solution

Ready to start combating fraud? Use our self-learning algorithms for case detection. 

Over the years, our experts have structured a reliable fraud detection system that generates hundreds of thousands of fraud indicators. Combining machine learning and expert decisions will help you improve fraud detection accuracy and avoid becoming a cybercrime target by means of effective fraud prevention software.

Our fraud detection software developers at RNDpoint keep improving our tactics of abusive behavior detection, in order to provide high levels of protection for your business.

Case study: Fraud detection solution for Insurance industry