Debt Collection Software

We improve collections, recovery and debt resolution

The financial stability of many banking institutions largely depends on the loans issued and their timely repayment. The weakening of credit risk policies and procedures leads to an accumulation of arrears, and, as a consequence, financial losses. 

Designing debt collection management software, RNDpoint’ engineers aim to increase collection amounts, automate collection procedures, and improve customer experience. 

In short, we help businesses to maintain efficiency and profitability by means of debt collection management software.

Why Choose Debt Collection Software?

 Debt collection automation. Smooth processes from the first connection to the last payment

 Scalability. Integration with any third-party systems and the possibility to add new features in the future

 Productivity growth. Improvement of the collection teams’ productivity and an increase in loan repayments

 Customer loyalty. Debt collection approach that establishes a positive client relationship

 Security. The highest standards of data protection and risk management

 Simplicity. User-friendly and intuitive systems

Debt Management Software

RNDpoint’ experts design cloud-based debt collection software for banks, microfinance institutions, and other involved parties.

We develop debt collection software that becomes a unified system for all departments of the company. This kind of online platform provides unlimited space for storing and managing all information about debtors. It significantly automates debt repayment processes such as reporting, payment processing, data entry, mailing, and more.

In debt collection software programs, our engineers implement different credit scorecards. These are PD (pre-delinquency), PTP (promise to pay), and more. It helps segment customers based on various data and accurately model debt risks.

Debt management software solutions

  • Decision-making strategy development
  • Debt collection stages automation
  • Required internal and external integrations
  • Compliance certificates implementation

Case study: Debt Collection Automation from A to Z in Just a Few Months