Compliance Management Software for Financial Institutions

A compliance management system is a real difference-maker for businesses who need to demonstrate compliance efficiently and cost-effectively.

A compliance management solution is an all-inclusive program that helps administrators and managers minimize risks. It does so through planning, monitoring, and controlling activities that ensure compliance with obligatory regulatory standards and legal requirements related to the environment, health, safety, etc. 

RNDpoint’s regulatory compliance management software can be applied to every functional area of business and help handle compliance requirements by automating your employees’ everyday routines, minimizing risks.

The advantages of software for compliance management

To fit your organization’s needs and goals, our team can develop and implement the right compliance software tool. RNDpoint’s business analysts can answer all your questions. Meanwhile, our technical team will provide you with software solutions that embrace all the features you need to ensure robust compliance assessment.

The advanced compliance risk management software will give an excellent opportunity to:

  • centralize and automate workflows
  • be flexible and scalable
  • offer great customer service
  • maintain security
  • support internal success goals
  • have a vision for the future

The benefits of RNDpoint’s compliance management solutions

Compliance management solutions automate the routine and manual processes of data collection, communication and knowledge sharing, decision making, tracking compliance requirements changes, and integrating these changes into the overall system. 

Here are the benefits to invest in RNDpoint’s custom compliance software:

  • Legal problem reduction. This is one of the crucial advantages of compliance management software. All businesses have to follow certain legal, governmental, financial, institutional, environmental, corporate, and social policies and frameworks to operate properly and avoid lawsuits, penalties, and fines. Integrated compliance software solutions ensure that these requirements are fully included across all processes of the organization, and there are no gaps left open for risks to slip through.
  • Operations and process efficiency enhancement. This includes annual internal and external audits, feedback solicitation, and frequent evaluations. RNDpoint implement compliance management software that helps ensure that these areas of improvement are well-documented and communicated across the company’s teams, locally and globally.
  • Facilitation of compliant decision-making. With compliance management software, it is easier to make decisions where the company’s legal and financial integrity are at risk. Compliance solutions, designed by RNDpoint, help execute these scenarios in the system and delegate activities to the officers involved to resolve them immediately.
  • Brand and company reputation improvement. Customers appreciate businesses that are socially and environmentally-conscious. A business that prioritizes employee welfare and rights has also got an advantage over businesses that do not practice sound employee management. Our experts can develop and implement compliance management software that ensures these compliance requirements are followed and met.
  • Effective team collaboration and communication. Employees and managers are at the forefront of confronting risks, observing inconsistencies in corporate systems, and meeting compliance requirements.

RNDpoint’s team offers a centralized and simplified process for communicating these requirements and inconsistencies so that they are caught, implemented, and delegated effectively.

Compliance management software enables the clear and seamless practice of capturing and resolving issues and incidents among a diverse team.

Features of the software for compliance management

Businesses are seeking to improve their compliance management systems. Our team of experts develops and implements software solutions with the full understanding that the features will vary depending on business specialization and specific business processes. 

We provide compliance software that covers most of the functionalities or features of compliance management, such as:

  • User-friendly interface.

    Digital marketing and social media platforms have impacted the way of information approach on the web. RNDpoint’s compliance management software is intuitive and easy to use. It simplifies usage by providing a positive user experience. This is achieved through the software’s overall design, organization, and relevance of features for end-users.

  • Qualitative analytics.

    Compliance officers bear a huge responsibility for protecting company reputation and assets by processing big data. RNDpoint’s experts develop compliance management software that provides a way to visualize and present trends and resolutions to escalate them to upper management with ease.

  • Fraud management.

    If suspicious activity occurs, RNDpoint’s compliance management software ensures that fraudulent activities, such as vendor payments, bribery, fraudulent acts, and anomalies in the business’s financial accounts, are reported, accounted for, and resolved.

  • Document controlling.

    Another feature of a custom compliance management software is the capability to improve document control, which ensures the reliable management of records, documents, and forms that a business sends or receives.

  • Process management.

    Compliance management solutions support functionality for owning, managing, remapping, and separating processes. At the same time, they make management activity seamless, integrated, and collaborative. Software solutions, developed by our team, can visualize processes through mapping and flowchart tools.

  • Incident management.

    By using RNDpoint’s custom compliance solutions, you can simplify and streamline the process of escalating incidents, issues, and events in a seamless way to resolve them through a well-designed communication algorithm.

  • Capacity development.

    Our technical experts develop and implement a learning system to equip compliance officers with the know-how on various compliance requirements set by regulatory bodies and commissions.

  • Implementation of a web-based and electronic database of compliance requirements.

    Our team can provide a centralized system for changes in regulations and requirements, gathering compliance reports, and consistently integrating these into the business process.

  • Compliance reporting.

    Compliance management software can produce an array of data extracts and compliance reports to efficiently present, clear, and ready for action  by upper management. These reports are also easy to customize and filter to ensure reliability.

  • Task management and workflow improvement.

    Compliance software, designed by RNDpoint’s specialists, helps businesses save time and resources and manage compliance tasks with end-to-end workflows across different points of activity.

  • Risk management.

    By implementing our compliance management platforms, your business can systematically manage risks by monitoring and analyzing the value chain and other key business processes.

  • Secured data.

    RNDpoint’s custom compliance software ensures business data integrity across all levels of the value chain. This assures key stakeholders that data integrity will not be compromised in any way. In addition, we provide you with a seamless process of protecting data through advanced security systems, encryption, and easy data integration and transfer.

  • Offline capability.

    Implementation of our custom compliance management solutions provides the opportunity to gather and consolidate data offline. This functionality enables businesses to operate seamlessly with no need to think about technological hindrances or setbacks.

  • Integration capabilities.

    When you choose a compliance solution to adopt, we ensure that the selected solution is capable of integrating with third-party and supporting external systems.

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