Commercial Loan Origination System

Accelerate the application processing with mobile communication

The lending market is changing at a fast pace. Many financial institutions struggle as they find familiar methods and products no longer resonate with their customers. 

RNDpoint’ experts develop loan application processing software, debt management tools and loan origination systems with all the business aspects considered, so that our clients could outpace the market disruption. 

Our team has strong expertise in credit decision platform (CDP) development. This type of platform helps financial service providers increase operational efficiency, accelerate lending workflows, analyze risks, and automate business processes.

Why Adopt the Credit Decision Platform

X3 faster


x3 time Faster go-to-market than bespoke-developed solutions enables you go be ahead of competitors and win the audience

40% less

Manual operations

40% less manual operations due to routine workflows automation – managers concentrate on business rather than filling and checking forms

50% faster

decision making

50% faster decision making will not only improve efficiency but also make Customers Happier

20% less

Overdue and bad debts.

Reduce risk as the number of overdue and bad debts will reduced by 20% on the average


Fraudulent user activity

Anti-fraud processes with reduce fraudulent activity by 10% and improve financial culture

Loan Origination System Software

What do our clients expect from a lending system? A consistently fast and simple tool that is tailored to their needs. The loan origination system software equips lenders of all sizes, in all industries, with exactly these tools while improving their profitability and risk management capabilities.

We offer a complete online solution with pre-configured components. The loan origination system process enables both automated and manual processing of applications for loan products. Loan origination system workflows support credit approval end-to-end, from the moment a loan application is generated until the final decision is made and a loan is issued.

What we offer

  • Full-cycle loan issue automation. The platform provides all the necessary functionality to automate lending processes.
  • Custom-built solutions. This smart flexible platform is built to respond to business and consumer needs alike.
  • Code-free configuration. The platform can be quickly and easily adapted to new business requirements without coding.

Loan Origination System Workflow Diagram

  • 1

    Application execution at the consultation stage

  • 2

    Application registration in the customer profile form


  • 3

    External and internal credit history assessment

  • 4

    Loan calculator


  • 5

    Fraud prevention system

  • 6

    Manual analysis of the "gray zone"


  • 7

    Queuing engine

  • 8

    Automatic calculation of scoring and borrower rating