• Financial Software Solutions

    Financial solutions for process automation via scalable and rapid development

For the last decade, we’ve been delivering banking software solutions to our customers to ensure a superior digital banking experience. Banking and Financial organization seek for better customer experience and robust solutions to grow their business. With RNDPOINT ready-to-use solutions backed by open source software from market leaders you will get flexible and scalable products.

Loan origination (LOS)

At RNDpoint, we understand the highly competitive nature of the financial services market. Using our new solutions in banking software, you will be flexible and customer-oriented and improve the credit application processing experience seamlessly. Our engineers integrate the new solutions with your back office and external systems. Now, banks and credit bureaus can leverage from better conversions, and customers get faster loan decisions.

Credit scoring

RNDpoint’s credit scoring software is helping banking and financial businesses to evaluate the creditworthiness of potential clients automatically. We offer tailor-made solutions for non-banking financial institutions and leasing companies to reach high credit quality and acceptance rates by utilizing predictive analytics.


RNDpoint offers you robust mortgage banking software that goes beyond the debits and credits transaction tracking. Our mortgage origination solutions acquire detail right off the system making paper spreadsheets redundant. With RNDpoint’s mortgage banking software, loans become customized and tailored, making your staff work more effectively and efficiently.


With your needs in mind, RNDpoint’s team designs and implements compliance management software to make its financial customers stronger and determine best practices in risk and compliance management. With our private and state, retail and investment, traditional and online banking software solutions, you will build your compliance management system and streamline corporate compliance policy.

Risk management

RNDpoint’s financial risk software development is based on a better understanding of risk. Our team will equip you with a plan for more effective performance management strategies bringing benefit to your entire organization. Our software solutions for private and state banking are a solid and professional tool for in-depth portfolio risk management and risk analysis.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software is a solution for banks and other financial institutions that help meet AML obligations. At RNDpoint, we want you to avoid becoming a link in a criminal chain. Our AML banking software is dedicated to identifying, tracking, and regulating potentially suspicious or illegal activities or the proceeds of crime.

Fraud detection

RNDpoint’s team helps combat fraud with a set of fraud-specific machine learning techniques. Using our tailored online and offline banking software solutions, you will not fall victim to scammers. Due to the in-depth analysis of customer behavior and automation of manual operations with AI-driven algorithms, you can reduce losses and improve overall anti-fraud culture.

Debt collection

At RNDpoint, we closely collaborate with banks, credit bureaus, and other financial organizations in supporting their debt collection practices with custom software banking solutions. Designing debt collection management software, our engineers aim to increase collection amounts, automate collection procedures, and improve the customer experience.

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