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We deliver top-tier software development solutions to FinTech market players to bring their performance to a new level. Up your game in FinTech with RNDpoint expertise and commitment to quality.
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Dream, design, and deploy FinTech hits with RNDpoint

RNDpoint can become your full-service engineering software partner delivering robust, innovative products in the FinTech or banking niche. Our technology solutions are a perfect fit for demanding, future-oriented businesses. Our experts can bring the craziest ideas to life, helping you succeed in the increasingly competitive FinTech market.

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Advantages of RNDpoint’s software engineering services

Working with RNDpoint is a predictable and safe solution, guaranteeing top-quality service and a full understanding of your business needs.
Full-cycle service software engineering
End-to-end coverage of your software engineering needs by our expert team.
Fast time-to-market
On average, we develop FinTech applications in 3 months.
Focus on the client’s requirements and expectations
An individual approach to every business’s IT architecture and requirements.
Operational cost cuts
During the project, we reduce operating costs by 60-70%.
Productivity improvements with tech innovation
In development, we use advanced technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, Web3.
Frictionless software delivery
No deadline violations or bottlenecks; full compliance with agreed deliverables.
Integration with the existing IT infrastructure
Seamless improvements and integrations without significant downtime.
End-to-end quality control
Competent QA testing and audit at all delivery stages for zero error risks.
Project management without quality compromises
A dedicated PM oversees the entire development and delivery process.

Our core software development services

We follow a standardized software development workflow to make the app creation process transparent and predictable.
Custom software development

We handle the full-cycle development of products and solutions for your software needs. From concept design to creation and deployment, our safe, functional FinTech solutions are uniquely tailored to your business idea and target user needs. 

Web and Mobile app development

Our team designs and develops innovative web and mobile applications. We optimize the existing web app architecture for mobile devices, ensuring cross-platform functionality and a full set of appealing features.  

Product UX/UI design

Usability and rewarding user experience are the cornerstones of modern digital products’ success. We develop your projects’ UI/UX based on thorough UX research and detailed user personas to come up with ideally tailored apps and services. 


RNDpoint helps companies in the software engineering business to optimize their processes and operations with cutting-edge DevOps toolkits. We address the software development pipeline flaws, cut costs, and ensure continuous delivery and integration. 

QA and automated testing

We subject all developed products to rigorous QA testing before their launch to the market. This way, we minimize the risk of bugs and glitches undermining user experience, ensuring that the app works as it should and is immune to hacks and breaches. 

Tech support

Our company provides full-scale tech support for businesses with FinTech projects at any stage of development, from preliminary software engineering consulting to post-launch maintenance, customer support, and updates. 

Why choose RNDpoint as a software provider

RNDpoint has been on the market for 8+ years, delivering excellent engineering software solutions to financial businesses, from startups to established enterprises. We employ a diverse tech stack and monitor the latest technologies to ensure that your products are competitive and marketable in the FinTech space.

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Related software development services

We can handle the entire spectrum of your company’s software development needs to ensure the smooth performance of your IT infrastructure.
Commercial software development

RNDpoint specialists propose custom commercial software development from scratch or hand-pick our proprietary white-label software products to speed up your market entry with superior-quality digital solutions.

Application modernization

Even if you already have a working app or website, its functionality reduces with time. We update apps with innovative features and modernize the programming techniques and frameworks to ensure their robust operation without friction. 

Agile transformation

Agile transformation helps reduce friction and redundancy in the software development pipeline. RNDpoint assists with a focused analysis of the business infrastructure and a customized plan for agile software development methodology integration.

Quality engineering

We use cutting-edge technologies and robust solutions for quality control across the entire software development pipeline. With our technically flawless and secure software, you’re sure to enjoy a new level of quality assurance and control.  

Enterprise architecture

Even mature businesses face bottlenecks and redundancy in their structure and operations. We can assess your current enterprise architecture and business process workflows to propose workable optimization steps for performance improvement. 

Project Management

The RNDpoint team includes many skilled, seasoned project managers who can assume responsibility for your digital product development project and lead it from planning to execution and completion with a focus on your expectations. 

Our software development workflow

Collaborative models

You can choose from several collaborative models when hiring RNDpoint experts, depending on the scale and duration of your project.

Dedicated team 

Get a dedicated team with the right tech stack set up in RNDpoint’s office to work exclusively on your project.

Team extension 

Hire several development experts to supplement your in-house tech stack and get the right talent on board for project completion.


Project-based work 

Delegate the entire service software development project to our team to receive the final outcome ready for deployment.


Our software development expertise

Explore RNDpoint's core software development expertise for FinTechs and banks.

01 Lending software & scoring
Lending software & scoring

Loan management automation across the entire lending pipeline with smart scoring algorithms and flexible lending system construction.

02 Trading & wealth management
Trading & wealth management

Innovative investment advisory services to build highly customizable, smart trading and wealth management apps.

03 Payments & payment processing
Payments & payment processing

High-quality software for payment processing based on ready-made proprietary frameworks and tools to accelerate your market launch.

04 Mobile banking & eWallets
Mobile banking & eWallets

Smart and scalable mobile banking apps and eWallets with impressive UI/UX for excellent market standing.

05 BNPL & Loyalty management
BNPL & Loyalty management

State-of-the-art BNPL payment solutions to take the loyalty management approaches to the next level.

06 Digital onboarding & AML/Anti-fraud
Digital onboarding & AML/Anti-fraud

Robust screening and anti-fraud solutions to digital businesses to ensure security and AML/KYC compliance.

We created more than 120 apps in FinTech and banking institutions. We are glad to share with you the success stories of our clients.

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