Digital transformation and faster delivery cycles are a matter of survival for banks and financial institutions. The financial market is changing rapidly! In order to keep ahead of the developments, it is necessary to focus on the introduction of new technologies and new approaches to solving corporate issues.

In this regard, the most common problems of banking and financial institutions are:

  • Processing backlogs
  • Lack of time for innovation
  • Lack of resources
  • System complexity

Financial institutions need a better way to create enterprise applications. OutSystems applications development solves this issue. The OutSystems software delivers low-code applications, covers their entire life cycle, automates changes, and provides ideal conditions for quick integration.

Why OutSystems development?

Fast business transformation

OutSystems rapid application development allows us to transform clients’ businesses at a fast pace, reaching continuous software delivery at no extra cost.

Reduction of software development cost

The platform provides flexible tools that make it easy to configure applications and manage their performance. This significantly reduces software costs, as with OutSystems’ features, companies need far fewer people and time to work on apps.

Improving the productivity of the development team

Using OutSystems app development, we significantly increased the productivity of both our developers and clients’ employees. With the platform, any specialist can be a great interface designer. No code, just the pleasure of support.

Creation of an incredibly flexible digital team

OutSystems is really business-centered! Almost any manager can be creative and participate in the development process without programming skills. They just need to use a flexible visual composer.

Case study: OutSystems low-code app development for banking

rapid app development with Outsystems low-code

Our experts migrated the functionality and developed new features using OutSystems low-code platform for two the Bank’s apps – P2P Money Transfer and Installment Credit Card. With OutSystems functionality, RND Point’s specialists achieved …

We are an OutSystems partner

RND Point is a certified OutSystems consulting partner. For our specialists, OutSystems is not a question of service, it is a question of ability. We have been working with the platform since 2014 and today we are almost fully dedicated to it. 

We like it for its convenient visual components. Our clients love it for the ability to make changes without coding. We both enjoy its great interfaces and easy integrations.

OutSystems consulting for financial industry

OutSystems is the No. 1 low-code platform, which allows companies to create enterprise applications of any size incredibly fast. Using OutSystems, you can develop one application and then deliver it seamlessly to all platforms. 

OutSystems is a universal and flexible platform that helps companies achieve the following results:

  • Employees can drive digital transformation themselves, and get the functionality that allows them to fully focus on the clients.
  • Customers are satisfied with the service and become much more loyal.
  • Financial institutions increase their overall customer profitability and get a strong competitive advantage.

Using OutSystems, application development time is reduced by about 10 times, so financial institutions can flexibly adapt to the changing customers’ needs and quickly develop necessary server solutions and digital operations. Development teams focus on speed and become more agile. Software delivery is faster thanks to quick feedback loops and iterative updates.

OutSystems development benefits

  1. Highest development speed

OutSystems’ goal is to help companies create applications and make changes faster and easier. The platform provides visual full-stack development, one-click assembly and deployment, automatic refactoring, and built-in feedback system.

  1. Unlimited integration options

From basic systems to outdated platforms, OutSystems easily integrates custom applications, any external systems, and databases. OutSystems provides ready-made connectors, SOAP and REST integration without coding, connection to popular cloud services, synchronization of work processes, and business logic.

  1. Excellent UX

OutSystems provides ready-made templates and patterns and allows expanding the interface by adding the user’s own code.

  1. Low-code

OutSystems is an open platform, so using it, any company can easily extend applications with its custom code. Any financial organization is able to create its own reusable extensions and use them at any stage of the application life cycle.

  1. Cutting-edge mobile features

Great UX, simple integration with any platform, one-click deployment, and many other features represent the best practices of OutSystems mobile development

  1. Corporate level 

OutSystems is the only low-code platform for corporations. From small departmental applications to over-million-users systems, corporations get secure, scalable, and flexible apps.

  1. Continuous deployment

With OutSystems, companies can quickly make changes and significantly reduce support costs. The system automatically evaluates impacts at all layers of the application, allows switching between environments in one click, and automatically updates dependencies.

  1. Significant metrics

OutSystems provides metrics that show all the necessary data about application performance. In this way, companies quickly identify which optimizations or corrections the app needs. As a result, companies reduce costs and satisfy users.

OutSystems developers for hire

At RND Point, we understand our client’s needs, that’s why our OutSystems software engineers are ready to join your project at any stage. Be it an evaluation of low-code platform benefits, drafting the scope of work or joining an existing team.

You can get professional tech advice on how you can get most of your OutSystems license. Our dedicated development team will design applications following your requirements, integrate them with all the necessary systems, and deploy on local or cloud environments.

Have questions? Get in touch!