Why Betty Blocks?

Truly no-code

The world’s first truly no-code platform. Anyone can build an application using Betty Blocks. People are the most important driver of innovation and Betty Blocks enable app development for everybody.

For everyone

Every company needs a lot of software. Companies do not have enough programmers to deliver all that software. The platform is designed for business users, not programmers.

Fast and Easy

Develop applications rapidly and intuitively through visual modeling;

100% in the cloud, multi-device and cross-platform, designed with the flexible UI-builder. And all that without any code.

What is no-code?

With a no-code platform, you can equip more of your workforce – your citizen developers or software developers – with the tool they need to build business, web and mobile applications. The low learning curve makes it even easier for you to grow your business or event jump right into collaborative agile development strategies.

Betty Blocks stands out from other no-code platforms by being both easy enough that anyone can use it while boasting capabilities powerful enough to build secure, complex, enterprise-grade applications. Unlike most no-code platforms, it’s no-code with an escape hatch: While it is not necessary to write any code to develop complex applications, Betty Blocks also supports JavaScript or HTML integrations for added customization. Effectively, it’s as agile in coding flexibility as in implementation.

How Betty Blocks work?

User Interface Builder

Rapidly drag and drop every web page together, just how you like it. From header to form to table and instantly see how it looks on mobile, tablet or desktop as well. Feeling adventurous? Combine it with any JS framework – like Angular or Vue.js – for full freedom and flexibility.

Visual modeling

We replaced complex code for a drag-and-drop interface. Process and manage your data easily through visually modeling. Fast, fun and easy with endless possibilities.


Some parts of an application can be reused in new applications. Fast development is great, not developing at all is even better. Plus, you can contribute to the community by offering your part in the Block store for others to (re)use it.


To connect everything you need, you can easily integrate with all kinds of web services like Slack, Twitter, Mollie or Ideal. The platform fits into every IT landscape and provides modern possibilities for legacy systems.

What Kinds of Applications Can You Build Without Coding?

You can build three kinds of applications on a no-code platform like Betty Blocks: Back office (database), Web, and Mobile applications. All applications are hosted and run 100% in the cloud. Discover examples of applications build without a single line of code in App Gallery.

Back Office Applications

Improve your organization’s internal operations! This application type uses a back office module only. It provides functionality to administer your business data for internal use. The back office module is already built and largely designed by Betty Blocks. Why? Because this module is often only seen and used by your employees or software developers.

Speed up development and take advantage of the steps no-code platform have already taken care of for you. Use the out-of-the-box and ready-made features, such as filter, search, export, import, logic (workflows) and more. The platform makes it easy to visually create grids, forms, and workflows without programming.

Portals and Web Applications

Build a customer-facing application! A web application bridges the gap between your back and front office, when your application needs to be used publicly. The web application type uses both the back office and web module. How? The web module is used for a customized user interface and the back office module is used to administer your data.

This way, the web application enables you to create your own user interface (such as web pages) together with ready-made back office features. You can use your own HTML or our WYSIWYG page editor or insert your favorite JS framework to build with. Brand your identity by using your own style sheets.

Mobile Applications

Take your mobile solution on the go! Build a mobile application and fully customize the front end especially for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, rather than large desktops. The application is web-based, and you have full access to all elements of the web browser. No software installation is needed.

Just like with web applications, you are completely free to create any mobile page you want in HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. Distribute it like a ‘regular’ web application or in the same way native applications are distributed. The mobile application always includes a back office module to administer your data.