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Google Pay integration with an online store or other digital solution allows your customers to pay by card quickly, securely, and conveniently
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Why is Google Pay the payment system you need?

Google Pay is an electronic payment system designed for online purchases on Android mobile devices. It is one of the three most popular tools for mobile payments among residents of Great Britain. Here, 28% of consumers who make purchases online prefer Google Pay.

Google Pay integration with web application allows you to:

  • guarantee the security of payments to its customers;
  • scale business due to the increase of target audience;
  • easily set up the integration and start earning.

Ensure your competitiveness in a progressive digital ecosystem with Google Pay integration service from RNDpoint.

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Benefits of Google Pay integration with your Android app

RNDpoint team streamlines transactions with seamless Google Pay Integration for Android apps.

  • 150+ million potential customers. That’s how many users the Google Pay payment system has worldwide.
  • 42 countries to expand your business. With GPay, you can enter new markets in regions supporting the system.
  • Up to 20% less time to process transactions. Google confirmed this with the study conducted with the online store BOXED.
  • 27 % more orders. This is the figure demonstrates Thrive Market after Google Pay integration in its website.
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RNDpoint CTO opinion

Google pays a lot of attention to researching the effectiveness of its solution. I suggest familiarizing yourself with some of the results so that you can be convinced of the feasibility of Google Pay integration in your Android app
Andrew Gabrinovich

The growing popularity of Google Pay in the international market

Google Pay payments are being chosen by an increasing number of users worldwide. In the United States alone, this payment system’s fans have grown by five million in the past three years, and further growth is projected.

Payments through the Google Pay system are supported in millions of online and offline retail locations worldwide. It’s time to join their ranks and experience all the benefits of using it. 

Google Pay payment gateway integration will allow you to stay ahead of the game over time and help gain consumer trust. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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Success Stories of Google Pay Integration

Learn Google Pay integration success stories and see how you can drive growth and satisfy your customers.

Boosted Bookings

Travel agency HotelTonight states that clients are 65% more likely to complete their bookings after the Google Pay integration app to their website

Conversion Surge

The online store J-Club saw a 5-7% increase in conversions due to implementing payments via Google Pay

Mobile Payment Boost

Customers began spending 17% more at Thrive Market, an organic retailer, when they could pay for orders using their mobile devices

Google Pay integration services at RNDpoint

By approaching our company, you can rely on a comprehensive range of services from Google Pay integration experts. We know how to listen to our clients and bring their ideas to life

API integration with Google Pay payment platform

Integrating your software with Google Pay through an application programming interface lets you quickly receive payments from millions of Google users who have saved bank card details in their accounts. Such transactions are fast and secure

Google Pay integration for any device

We can integrate Google Pay with digital solutions for Android smartphones, tablets, and Wear OS by Google. We will take on the project regardless of the language in which your software is written. For example, we offer a Google Pay PHP integration service

Custom software development and further integration

We are ready to create a unique solution for you and integrate it with the payment system. Check out Google Pay Flutter integration. Our team can develop a mobile app using this framework and perform its integration with Google Pay

How do we collaborate with clients to accomplish tasks efficiently?

01 Tell us about your idea
Tell us about your idea

We will consider your wishes and analyze the market and competitors for the best solution

02 Discuss the budget and deadlines
Discuss the budget and deadlines

We try to choose the best tech stack and the most experienced specialists to complete the tasks on time and reduce the cost of the work

03 Choose the right outsourcing model
Choose the right outsourcing model

We can offer you a dedicated development team, staff expansion, or comprehensive project work

04 Determine your level of involvement
Determine your level of involvement

You can limit yourself to getting acquainted with the team or directly participating in the Google Pay website integration

05 Wait for the project to be completed
Wait for the project to be completed

We guarantee that all work will be implemented exactly in time, no matter how complicated the task is

06 Contact us about software maintenance
Contact us about software maintenance

In addition to creating a digital solution and providing integration services, you can count on post-release support from our team

We have delivered over 120 projects in FinTech and banking industries. Some of them are under NDA, though some we are glad to share with you.

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Contact a Google Pay integration expert if you

RNDpoint – your reliable partner in Google Pay integration

When developing or optimizing software in the FinTech industry, the top priority is the reliability of such digital solutions. RNDpoint has impressive experience creating innovative software products for banks and other financial organizations.

Our portfolio includes dozens of successful cases, including projects related to integrating payment systems. RNDpoint is trusted by the world leaders of the financial market.


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Stripe Payment System Integration
3x acceleration of the integration process and 2x lower development costs with the help of our proprietary software ProcessMIX.

Google Pay integration services to your business

Contact an RNDpoint manager, and we will start working on your project promptly. Make Google Pay a competitive advantage of your software and watch your business grow.


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