FICO Software

The best thing about out-of-the-box solutions, such as FICO, is that the development team has already spent a lot of time and effort on perfecting its functionality. No need to develop software from scratch, test it and deploy. This has already been done by first-class software experts.

The main question at stake is how beneficial it is for a company to buy a FICO license and how does its functionality fit the company’s business processes. The more FICO software is suitable for business requirements, the more profitable it is to buy these solutions.

In our experience, companies that implemented turnkey solutions from FICO received many benefits. Foremost among these is the tremendous saving of time, effort, and money.

About FICO company

The FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) software solutions company is one of the most reliable analytics organizations in the world. The company’s goal is to help businesses make the right decisions to achieve customer satisfaction, growth, and profit.

FICO, with its innovative approach to mathematical algorithms and Big Data, perfectly analyzes consumer behavior. The company’s analytical products and tools have changed entire industries, including fintech. FICO provides software for fraud detection, risk management, operations optimization, and customer relationship building.

With 90+ offices, FICO serves more than half of the top 100 banks in the world. 95 of the 100 largest U.S. financial institutions and all 100 of the biggest U.S. credit card issuers use FICO software products. 

FICO Software solutions

FICO system is perfectly suited to financial institutions, that’s why this software is used by thousands of banking companies around the globe.

Our team has carefully studied FICO solutions and know exactly how they can be applied in the financial industry. Now, after more than five years of FICO  development, we know that FICO products meet the needs and demands of the financial industry. We fully rely on it and so do our clients.

Case study: Debt Collection Automation from A to Z in Just Several Months

debt collections and recovery automation

The customer, the owner of the Collection system, is a sizable retail-oriented bank with a focus on lending to SMEs. Therefore, debt collection management is one of the bank’s essential business operations…

We understand that FICO is not the only solution. We also carry out development for our customers using other technologies and systems. Nevertheless, FICO security algorithms are so trustworthy that we unquestionably advise our customers to use them. 

RND Point’s engineers have a high level of expertise in such products as FICO Origination Manager, FICO Blaze Advisor, FICO Decision Management, FICO Debt Manager and other.

FICO Decision Management Suite

One of the most common products used by RND Point’s engineers is the FICO Decision Management Suite. It’s a powerful platform for developing, deploying, testing, and supporting important origination decision strategies.

We like this product for its well-designed user interface. Our customers love it for its functionality that allows them to make changes on their own, without the help of developers.

The result of using the FICO Decision Management Suite is the speed of the functionality development and changes implementation greatly increases, while the development risks are radically reduced.

FICO Blaze Advisor

FICO Blaze Advisor is a business rule management system that allows financial organizations to fully control large volumes of operational decisions they make.

Our clients use FICO Blaze Advisor not only because of its wide functionality but also because the product maximizes the ROI of the research and helps them to quickly and flexibly automate the decision-making process.

Using FICO Blaze Advisor, our clients achieve cost reduction, increase their staff productivity, improve customer service, and reduce development time.

FICO Origination Manager

FICO Origination Manager is a platform that provides loan origination for lenders in all domains. 

This product controls decision-making throughout the loan life cycle. FICO Origination Manager uses real-time analytics to provide automated customer interactions.

FICO Origination Manager has one of the best analytics systems in the world. The product has access to the most reliable data sources, so it provides the most accurate predictions and recommendations.

With the modular structure, this system is highly flexible and easily adapts to the needs of companies of any size. 

FICO Origination Manager helps our clients to get the maximum profit from the loan origination, and also meet the needs of their customers.

FICO Debt Manager Solution

FICO Debt Manager Solution is an advanced debt management system. This solution helps financial companies make the right decisions in debt collection and increase revenues. 

The system provides all the necessary information and ideas for interacting with debtors. By automating and streamlining the debt collection process, companies achieve higher returns. 

Another benefit of using FICO Debt Manager Solution is its performance improvement. All processes become visual thanks to metrics, reports, and dashboards.

With clear segmentation and accurate analytics, our clients understand their customers and improve refund methods.

FICO products

RND Point’s engineers mastered many other FICO solutions and tools. FICO products cover diverse business areas such as Customer Lifecycle, Analytics & Optimization, Marketing, Scoring, and Fraud, Compliance & Cybersecurity.

We always consult our customers on the use of FICO products free of charge. RND Point’s specialists study the requirements of the business and provide insight into the modules and tools that are best suited to the company’s use and how profitable is to obtain a FICO license.

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