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Solution Discovery for a Software Project

Engaging a project discovery phase in the software development project is an opportunity to boil it down to concrete deliverables and figures.
resource optimization
quicker product releases
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Maximize ROI with a well-planned project management discovery phase

Project discovery by RNDpoint is a crucial phase that gives you a confident head start in software development. We analyze your business idea and market landscape, considering your existing IT infrastructure and resources, to create a workable dev roadmap.

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Discovery Phase: main stages

Our Discovery Services

The RNDpoint expert team covers several discovery-related services tailored to different project stages.

We conduct thorough research on the existing technology and market demand based on the client’s individual project specifications and expectations. 


Our team produces accurate estimates of the time, money, and human resources required to build your project based on the research findings and feature complexity. 

Priority setting

We build a concise hierarchy of development tasks and related business processes to guide you through the process and help you organize it without delays or inefficiencies. 

Roadmap Creation

We organize all findings and planning stages into a comprehensive roadmap, breaking down your project by costs, resources, and deadlines for key deliverables. 


You can easily optimize your discovery phase in consulting by teaming up with our analysts and applying handy tips and workflows they share with you. 

Documentation we prepare during discovery phase

We keep concise documentation to answer all product discovery questions.
Vision & Scope

This document is created to lay out your project goals and narrow its scope and match the formulated goals with the client’s business needs. 

Product requirements document

It is based on the product’s goal and main features, singling out the technical requirements for its development and launch. 

Service-level agreement

Here we detail the necessary services to build a product, with duties and responsibilities breakdown and evaluation metrics for every subcontractor. 

Technical risk analysis

This document explains all technical risks associated with your product’s development for every project phase and gives recommendations to minimize them.

Test strategy

Here we explain the process of your product’s testing as soon as its development is complete, with all test objectives and expectations.


After thorough research, we build a set of product wireframes to visualize its design and functionality agreed upon with the client.

Project estimation

This document presents the team structure’s estimates based on your feature and technology selection, with a convenient developer rate breakdown for budgeting. 

Infrastructure architecture

It outlines the needed technical resources for your project’s launch and smooth functioning, such as a server, cybersecurity protections, etc., and explains their integration.

Product roadmap

This document takes the project’s vision as the starting step and schedules all development work so that you get a neat, workable timeline for project work. 

Software architecture

Here, we present a concise view of your product’s logical and physical architecture, with every component’s justification and technical overview.

Product Backlog

The backlog takes a roadmap one step further and details every development task into simple, manageable subtasks organized by sequence and priority. 

Design concept

This document presents a coherent style guide for the project, with screens and sketches guiding further designer work on practical product design. 

MVP development plan and estimates

The plan includes a concise project concept with workflow details, development schedules, human resource requirements, and cost breakdowns. 

Transform your project from a vague idea to a workable plan

Benefits of doing discovery with RNDpoint

You can never go wrong by engaging in product discovery, as it helps you:
Formulate a clear development pipeline
Create an objective-focused plan
Link your project idea with business objectives
Match your resources and technological requirements
Evaluate your technology needs and integration paths
Avoid costly development mistakes or process delays
Eliminate confusion and vagueness
Get a workable solution prototype to guide further work
Obtain a 3600 view of your competitors

Why discovery matters

It’s short-sighted to neglect the discovery phase, as it offers many business benefits in the long run.

Risk reduction

The development process comes with many risks when uncertainty is high. Discovery helps identify and eliminate those risks before they surface and paralyze your processes. 

Better quality 

If you perform inside-out project estimation and review before development, you’re sure to produce a superior-quality product without critical loopholes.


Sustainable partnerships 

Having a precise set of requirements and metrics, you will be better positioned to evaluate the development team’s competence and ability to build your project.

Precise budgeting 

No more surprises or guesswork with the project’s cost. You receive a concise breakdown of every feature’s development costs to choose an optimal, affordable function mix.

When is it time for discovery?

Have a broad idea
All new projects need discovery to condense a general idea to workable tasks and test the waters with a rigorous market analysis of competition and demand.
Have a functional product
Discovery helps business owners evaluate their existing solutions against performance metrics and estimate business value, optimizing them to maximize ROI.

How much time will discovery take?

We at RNDpoint have a separate set of discovery workflows for various businesses.
Small businesses (10-14 days)
  • Design wireframes (up to 10) 
  • An infrastructure architecture plan 
  • 2 design options 
  • MVP scope breakdown 
  • A roadmap with schedules and deliverables
Medium-sized companies (15-30 days)
  • Design wireframes (up to 30) 
  • 2 infrastructure architecture options 
  • 3 design options 
  • MVP scope breakdown 
  • A roadmap with schedules and deliverables 
  • Software requirements
Large companies (30+ days)
  • Design wireframes (up to 50) 
  • Infrastructure architecture 
  • 3 design options 
  • MVP documentation 
  • A roadmap with schedules and deliverables 
  • Software requirements

Who will perform discovery work on your project?

We at RNDpoint entrust this strategically important task only to seasoned experts with years of industry expertise. Top-level employees with analytical skills, knowledge of your business landscape, and a strategic mindset are included in the discovery team. 

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Who is engaged in Solutions Discovery with RNDPoint

Our discovery team

We engage the following staff to deliver in-depth insights and workable solutions to you.

Project Manager 

A PM guarantees smooth and productive interactions between the discovery team and the client and keeps the client in the loop about the task’s status and progression.

Solution Architect 

An architect is responsible for practical architectural suggestions, prototyping work, and documentation based on the preliminary technological research findings.

Lead Software Developer 

A development lead bridges the architect’s proposed suggestions with the development practice and plans the dev roadmap based on the given specifications.

Business Analyst 

Analysts test the client’s idea to check its business value, marketability, and user value. They recommend features and designs in line with the current market trends.

UI/UX Designer 

UX/UI experts conduct user research and produce detailed design prototypes to ensure the product’s user-centric design and usability. 


We’re proud to share satisfied clients’ reviews of the discovery work we did on their projects.



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