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Dedicated development team

Expand your team with top-tier tech talent with RNDpoint team augmentation services. Get the right tech stack on board exactly when you need it most.
Experts with in-depth FinTech expertise
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Enjoy dedicated development team benefits with RNDpoint

As your development project grows and requires more tech talent, you may face the pressure of resource allocation or exceed your budget. With flexible and affordable dedicated development team, you will always have enough tech experts involved in the project work without excessive expenditures.

Reap the benefits of a dedicated development team at RNDpoint to achieve optimal resource distribution and accomplish the project within your time and budget estimates.

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RND Team

Domains we specialize in

RNDpoint possesses impressive expertise and can provide qualified staff augmentation across a variety of business domains

Software Engineering
Software Integrations
Technical Due Diligence
Solution Discovery

RNDpoint Dedicated Development Teams

Our universal dedicate development team model allows hiring a ready-made or fully customizable team of experts in the following areas.

01 Web Developers
Web Developers

A team of mid-level and senior-level front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers with verified credentials, catering to all project needs.

02 DevOps Engineers
DevOps Engineers

DevOps specialists to optimize and automate your in-house development processes by hand-picking a DevOps toolkit fitting your IT infrastructure.

03 QA Engineers
QA Engineers

QA experts to conduct full-scale digital product testing (unit testing, alpha & beta testing) at any stage of development.

04 UI/UX Designers
UI/UX Designers

Top-tier UI/UX experts to bring your product’s usability to a new level, ensuring better user engagement and marketability upon launch.

05 Mobile App Developers
Mobile App Developers

In-depth expertise across the mobile app tech kit, including iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, Ionic, and Android.

06 Back Office Team
Back Office Team

Augmentation of the in-house team with customer success managers, software engineers, and support representatives.

We have delivered over 120 projects in FinTech and banking industries. Some of them are under NDA, though some we are glad to share with you.

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Onboarding process

Four steps to set up the dedicated development team with RNDpoint.
  • Align on initial team composition
  • Screening of dev team leads
  • Meetings with team leads
  • Adoption of a decision
  • Signing the development contract
  • Start of the team’s work
Screening of additional candidates
  • Recruitment within 2 weeks
  • Candidate interviewing and testing 
  • Full team staffing (up to 4 weeks)
Integration and retention
  • Professional development and evaluation 
  • 3 months of employee trial 
  • Free replacement of staff receiving unfavorable feedback 
  • Corporate culture and workflow integration 
  • Social package provision

Enjoy a predictable delivery process with RNDpoint

We at RNDpoint employ rigorous measurement and control of the delivery process pipeline to ensure compliance with deadlines and pre-negotiated deliverables. Intermediate progress and QA reports are supplied to clients on demand to keep everyone in the loop. 

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RND delivery process

Our Team

We’re proud of connecting talented and result-driven tech specialists under one roof to bring value and innovation to your projects and foster a smooth digital transformation.

Our Leaders


Why RNDpoint

We are recognized industry experts with domain-specific knowledge and a large portfolio of 120+ completed projects under our belt. 

By working with RNDpoint, you get almost a decade of industry experience, extensive FinTech expertise, and a team of 250+ dedicated professionals.

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RNDpoint's clients are financial companies from all over the world. Read their stories to see how we helped them on the journey to success.



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