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Integrate Apple Pay in your iOS app and give your users the ability to make secure one-touch payments on their device.
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Apple Pay: The Best Choice for iOS Device Owners

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system and digital wallet that can easily replace all other payment methods for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS users. You can also integrate Apple Pay in Safari and provide one-click payment access on websites.

Apple Pay integration means a significant expansion of the target audience. This system is popular in many countries around the world. For example, it undoubtedly dominates in the United States. In 2021, Apple Pay was used by 43.9 million Americans, which is 12.7 million more than its direct competitor in the country, Starbucks.

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Apple Pay- The Best Choice for iOS Device Owners

Apple Pay App Integration: Benefits for Your Business

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system and digital wallet that can easily replace all other payment methods for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS users. You can also integrate Apple Pay in Safari and provide one-click payment access on websites.

  • 535+ million potential customers. That’s how many registered Apple Pay users worldwide can become your customers thanks to access to the familiar payment method.
  • 76 countries available to expand your business thanks to the vast service area of this mobile payment system.
  • Up to 250 % higher conversion rate. Data is based on a study of Apple Pay payment gateway integration results by Indiegogo.
  • 58% faster checkout process. The food delivery company Instacart has such a figure after Apple Pay integration in its iOS app.
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Apple Pay App Integration- Benefits for Your Business

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Apple Pay website and app integration is the best decision you can make if you have an application for iOS devices. Integrate Apple Pay and experience all the benefits of fast and secure mobile payments
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Growing Popularity of Apple Pay

01 Increasing Number of Users
Increasing Number of Users

The number of Apple Pay users is constantly increasing. Examine the trends in the USA: Apple Pay is particularly popular in this country

02 Global Dominance
Global Dominance

Apple Pay has become highly popular worldwide. Statistics show that it accounts for 45.5% of all digital wallet purchases

03 Apple Pay's Rapid Growth
Apple Pay's Rapid Growth

In 2022, the system was used by 50.8 million people in the USA. By 2026, this number is projected to grow to 67 million

04 Powering US Mobile Payments
Powering US Mobile Payments

In the United States, approximately 44% of all mobile payments are made through Apple Pay

05 Swift, Simple, and Secure
Swift, Simple, and Secure

With Apple Pay, you can combine the remarkable speed and simplicity of payments with complete security

06 Apple Pay's Touch and Face ID
Apple Pay's Touch and Face ID

Touch ID and Face ID technologies allow one-touch payment on the device screen while using two-factor authentication

We have delivered over 120 projects in FinTech and banking industries. Some of them are under NDA, though some we are glad to share with you

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Apple Pay Web and Mobile Integration Services at RNDpoint

You can contact RNDpoint team if you have any questions about integrating your software with Apple Pay mobile payment system

Apple Pay integration on the website

With Apple Pay Safari integration, your customers can pay for their purchases on the e-commerce site with an e-wallet

Apple Pay API integration

Two types of APIs are available to accept payments from your customers in the Safari browser. Tell us about your needs, and we’ll find the best option

Apple Pay integration in your iOS app

We will perform Apple Pay backend integration with the app for any device compatible with Apple Pay

Apple Pay Toast integration

With our Apple Pay Integration services, your customers can make payments using Toast devices that support this mobile payment system

Custom software development and its further integration

We’re ready to help you with custom software development. We’ll create a mobile or web app for your online commerce and Apple Pay e-commerce integration

Our Way Toward Your Goals

Businesses That Benefit the Most From Apple Pay Site and App Integration

Online sales of physical goods
You can sell clothes, electronics, toys, or household goods online. You should integrate Apple Pay into your website or app regardless of the assortment to increase the customer base
Sales of digital goods
If you sell software, you can also expand your business by integrating your software with Apple Pay. Let your customers pay how they want, and they'll come back to you again and again
Online services
This can be the sale of subscriptions or tickets for various events, transportation, etc. Whatever the industry of your services, if it involves online payments, feel free to integrate Apple Pay into your apps

Integrating Apple Pay in Your iOS App, Trust the Professionals From RNDpoint

RNDpoint is a software company whose digital solutions have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in the market. We rely on AI technology to scale your business and attract the maximum number of clients. 

We are FinTech experts; our portfolio of successful cases is the best proof. RNDpoint’s satisfied clients include leading European banks and product-based organizations.

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Integrate Your Software With Apple Pay

Integrate Apple Pay with your website or mobile app and be assured of secure, fast, and easy electronic payments for your customers. Forget about unsatisfied customers, abandoned carts, and low revenue

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