Custom software development

Custom Software Development

With RND Point you get reliable partner for custom software solutions development. Our expertise in multiple industries enables deep understanding of clients’ domain. Enterprise systems development, web and mobile applications development.

System integration

System integration

On a daily basis our integration engineers implement a variety of software products. The main integration challenge in our work is to ensure effective and continuous interaction of new software with the existing.

FICO Solutions Integration

We implement FICO solutions and products for Financial Institutions and SMEs to cope with collections and recovery, advanced analytics and decision management, AML, KYC, credit origination, cyber risk, fraud detection, data analysis, scoring and more.

Microservices Architecture Development

Microservices Architecture Development

Delivering scalable systems for Financial institutions requires Microservices architecture. Our solution architects will analyze your existing approach and find a solution for shifting your current application to micro services. Get a detailed roadmap with technological stack suggestion.

Credit Origination Automation

Credit Origination Processing

In a highly competitive financial industry it is vital to be flexible and customer oriented. Improve credit application processing experience with autonomous solution integrated with other back office and external systems. Banks and credit bureaus can leverage from better conversion. Customers get faster decision.

Fraud Detections Solutions

Fraud Detection Solutions

Helping combat fraud with a set of fraud-specific machine learning techniques, optimized for specific types of financial transactions. Analyze customer behavior, automates manual operations with AI driven algorithms. Reduce losses and improve overall anti-fraud culture.

Debt Collections Systems

Debt Collections Systems

Designing debt collection management software, RND Point’s engineers aim to increase collection amounts, automate collection procedures, and improve customer experience. In short, we help businesses to maintain efficiency and profitability.

OutSystems Application Development

OutSystems Application Development

Financial institutions need a better way to create enterprise applications. OutSystems applications development solves this issue. The OutSystems software delivers low-code applications, covers their entire life cycle, automates changes, and provides ideal conditions for quick integration.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

We cover the full embedded systems development cycle: from product concept, design and system development to implementing embedded integrations, testing, and user experience.

No-code application development

No-code RAD platform to build complex applications without coding. Users use blocks to build the app instead of coding. It will help you faster launch applications and shorten time-to-market. Start right away in the browser, on any device and operating system.

Engaging UI and UX Design

UI and UX Design

We help businesses build engagement for their products, create meaningful user and customer experience that converts into return on investments.

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

As an experienced Digital Transformation company, we help businesses enhance processes, infrastructure, and consult how to bring new approach on top of it.

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