Platform for optimization, planning and maintenance of wireless networks

In close cooperation with the Customer we have made a unified platform for Telecom companies working with wireless connections. This platform is for network visualization, planning, analysis, optimization and reporting.

It allows support and correlation of multiple data sources within a network operator environment.

The platform was designed to be used for developing advanced engineering decision support applications and automating engineering tasks.

It enhances the capabilities of network professionals in design, planning, implementation, operations management and optimization.

An IP-core of the platform is used as an open source project. The platform can be adjusted and enhanced according to the needs of particular Customer.

The Purposes

The solution can help you:

  • increase quality of end-user customers service
  • reduce the cost of network support and operation
  • control business drivers better with end-to-end view of the entire business life cycle
  • create new non-standard solutions according to Customers’ order (thanks to flexibility of the platform)

The Difference and Advantages

The existing solutions for wireless network automating engineering tasks have several weak points:

    • Focus on some narrow area: network optimization, planning, OSS.
    • They are too general and sometimes don’t fit the requirements of the particular Customer suchas data source and formats, specific kinds of analysis and reports, etc.
    • The adjustments to Customers’ needs are very difficult and expensive
    • Hardly maintain GIS integration for visualization

In comparison to some analogous solutions this platform has the following advantages:

    • It’s designed as end-to-end solution for planning maintenance, optimization and network operating control
    • Could easily be adjusted to Customer’s requirements
    • Has embedded GIS integration
    • Has free open-source core allowing to create new solutions for any particular Customer

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Sergei ArtimeniaSolutions Director

The Implementation


Designed solution is an Eclipse-based unified platform.

Data download

The Platform works with the following data:

  • Physical configuration
  • Logical configuration (network topology)
  • Drive tests
  • OSS data

The functionality of the platform allows downloading data from various sources. The designed core allows adding new formats and data sources easily without extra adjustment expenses.

The Platform uses graph database for data storage that gives an opportunity to extend data structures for various information sources support. Besides, the graph database allows connection between different data types, such as network structure, drive tests, analysis data, etc.)

Data analysis

The designed solution allows making standard analysis (distributional analysis, trends) and has necessary tools for non-standard analysis (user script extension and maintenance).

As data amount for analysis is rather huge (dozens of millions notes), the system builds the result only once and then assigns it to some particular data. It helps significantly decrease waiting time when the results will be requested for the second time.

The platform provides different types of analysis results visualization:

  1. Diagram display
  2. Tabular
  3. Mapping, such as color coding
  4. Export of analysis results and reports in PDF- and CSV-files

Network optimization

During the extension for several Customers, the system acquired features for solving of some optimization problems:

  • Neighbor optimization of service stations’ settings for load optimization and high-quality signal establishment at the moment of relocation between service zones of different base stations
  • TRX Frequency Optimization for connection improvement Optimization algorithms are the Customer’s intellectual property.

GIS Integration

The platform supports all the popular map formats. The System allows displaying different types of information on the map:

  • Network structure
  • Drive tests’ results

Apart from data displaying the platform also allows to see interlinks between data. It provides the opportunity to show on the map drive tests results and the base stations they belong to.

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Sergei ArtimeniaSolutions Director

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