OutSystems Low-code Development: Real-life Case Study Improving Banking Apps

Learn how we successfully migrated banking apps to the OutSystems low-code platform and significantly optimized operation processes using OutSystems low-code development.

Project Essence

Our experts migrated the functionality and developed new features using OutSystems low-code platform for two Bank’s* apps – P2P Money Transfer* and Installment Credit Card*. With OutSystems functionality, RNDpoint’ specialists achieved the following:

  • Optimization of P2P Money Transfer and Installment Credit Card apps operation,
  • Substantial improvement of the apps’ performance,
  • Applications security enhancement,
  • Scalable admin panel development,
  • Optimization of database operations.

These weren’t standalone projects, but rather a POC for using OutSystems further within the bank.

Project Background

As RNDpoint was known by the Bank’s management team as a banking app development company. They asked us to increase the performance of the bank’s apps and develop the required functionalities, demanded by their customer base. Our experts suggested optimizing apps performance through the OutSystems platform.

The development department of the Bank has explored the issue of software operation on the OutSystems platform thoroughly. To make sure that the working process was going in the right direction, we decided to develop PoC (Proof of Concept) and, within it, migrate some functionality of the Bank’s application P2P Money Transfer to OutSystems.

Following the PoC successful implementation on this project, we continued the development of more complex features on the OutSystems platform. Moreover, the Bank entrusted us to develop the functionality on OutSystems for the Installment Credit Card product also.

P2P Money Transfer app: moving to the OutSystems low-code platform


P2P Money Transfer is a messenger that enables quick money transfers between payment cards, payment requests, and bill-splitting between users.

The major challenges were the slow component loading, security issues, and the lack of user-friendly UI/UX design. Together with the Bank’s specialists, we decided to migrate a part of the application’s functionality to the OutSystems platform for Android and iOS operating systems. The main performance requirement was to ensure quick response to all transactions carried out by users.

The main business goal of the project was to increase the number of users and their loyalty with the opportunity of money transfer anytime and anywhere. The application had to be an additional channel of business communication with the clients of the Bank.


Prior to the start of the project, our specialists worked intensely with representatives from the Bank to figure out the way they needed to solve emerging issues, and the requirements they required for the functionality to be implemented.

Within the PoC, the designer created a new UI/UX application design in close cooperation with the marketing department of the Bank. Based on these layouts, our experts subsequently developed the required functionality on the OutSystems platform.

After completing the PoC, we organized a project demo with the Bank’s staff. The PoC was successfully accepted: the application performance was greatly accelerated, UI/UX design met all the user requirements. After that, we expanded the list of functionalities and continued the app’s development on the OutSystems platform.

Security requirements

High demands on data safety requirements were assigned to the P2P Money Transfer application. The wide functionality of the OutSystems platform enabled our specialists to:

  • configure support for checking Jailbreak and Root,
  • implement and correctly configure SSL-pinning,
  • use the latest SDK versions (9.0) with improved security mechanisms, new API and support of new devices,
  • use the AppTransportSecurity (ATS),
  • implement encryption mechanisms for HTTP-connection traffic based on TLS protocol,
  • configure two-factor authentication,
  • use the KeyChain and KeyStore for critical data storage (login-password, credit card information, etc.),
  • provide the full completion of the P2P Money Transfer app session and removal of all user data from the device,
  • disable users’ critical data recording to the device log; the OutSystems platform records only data of the platform’s internal processes.

Admin Panel

The app’s admin panel enables Bank employees to browse the information, resolve conflict issues for P2P Money Transfer app users, and add, edit, and delete any application data.

Screenshots of the final product