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Implementation of a Java-based credit conveyor in the retail bank

Implementation of the decision-making module for customers’ KRIs analysis and determination of their risk status on the basis of BRMS Corticon.

Project background

Our client – further referred as the Bank – has always been interested in its clients’ comfort. In spite of negative tendencies in national economies because of coronavirus pandemic outbreak consequences, the Bank tries to go on with the improvement of its positions in the market and infrastructure development to reach customers’ needs.

When its IT-solution for credit issuance became out-of-date and could not meet clients’ requirements in the part of speed and accuracy, Bank’s management decided to replace it with a modern credit conveyor. Thus the Bank could provide its customers with a positive experience and its staff with a smart and effective digital tool.

Our company has taken part in the successful credit conveyor implementation. And our experts know the process from inside out. Understanding clients’ pain in this domain, we offered the Bank a decision that was based on our rich experience and deep expertise. Java-based credit conveyor with BRMS Drools in its core became an excellent option for the Bank.


The Bank needed to update its credit issuing system. But a simple update of an existing software solution was considered to be ineffective. That’s why Bank’s management concluded that the complete credit issuance system renovation is unavoidable for further successful activity.

The key features of the new credit conveyor were compiled for potential developers and vendors. It should perform the following functions:

  1. to form a loan offer and provide a credit calculator module;
  2. to create loan application and clients’ files with the opportunity to edit, send and copy them;
  3. to process loan applications on omnichannel basis;
  4. to store loan application information with search queries support;
  5. to perform borrower’s screening, credit scoring, verification, and anti-fraud check;
  6. to create loan application reports;
  7. to manage the directory of partners;
  8. to rule partners’ interest rates;
  9. to provide connections with different communication channels;
  10. to provide Administrator rights through an individual account.

Also, the new credit conveyor should be integrated into the Bank’s existing infrastructure and software solutions. It should have a warranty and technical support periods as well.

It should also be noted that the Bank’s technical requirements included specific parameters and figures. Our experts should have taken into consideration that our competitors had the same technologies and solutions at their disposal. But our offer was based on the principle of high quality coupled with a successful background in similar solutions Implementation.


Our business-analysts thoroughly examined technical requirements. The series of meetings let our team come to an agreement with the Bank’s management on the point of strategic components which will be used for the credit conveyor.

The close analysis showed that some additional modules should be added, such as:

  • Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing clients check.
  • Public officials list check.
  • Affiliation with the Bank clients’ check.

The team of our IT-specialists also offered the solution, which could help to process non-standard loan applications using standard procedures and algorithms. The Bank approved all mentioned above improvements which our experts have suggested with gratitude.

java icon

Java for back-end

Our technical specialists chose Java as a back-end. The choice was determined by several advantages which it gives:

  • high cross-functionality and portability;
  • simple, free and object-oriented tools;
  • mature, stable and predictable language;
  • many compatible tools and applications;
  • Java-based programs can be compiled independently of platforms.
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Angular as a front-end

We consider Angular to be one of the best front-end development systems. That is why our technical team had no doubt about choosing it. Its Model-View-Controller architecture, not only attaches value to the framework but also sets the foundation for the other features, such as scopes and data binding.

We built Angular enhanced design architecture in such a way that it helps the programmer to locate and develop the code easily thus avoiding bugs and mistakes. Custom directives of Angular improve HTML functionality and are suitable for dynamic client-side applications.

BRMS Drools is the core

Business Rule Management System (BRMS) is software that creates, supports, and executes decision logic and business rules. BRMS Drools is a very stable and fail-safe one. Our IT-team knows its strong sides like:

  • high speed and scalability;
  • convenient separation of business logic from the code;
  • the understandable fashion of rule creation;
  • powerful and fast rules repository.

Our experts suggested BRMS Drools as a core of credit conveyor.


DBMS Oracle as a heart

Database Management System (DBMS) Oracle is a very popular and effective IT-solution used both by corporate and single users. Our numerous cases of Oracle implementations prove its stability and reliability. And the Bank preferred it to other related DBMS.


After three months of tedious work, our team has successfully implemented and launched the credit conveyor for the Bank. The first stress-tests demonstrated its high stability, speed, and efficiency.

The implementation of an automated system significantly increased the speed of loan application processing.

Credit conveyor now supports up to 3500 users at the same time that helps the Bank provide its services to more customers with no delays, thus creating a positive image of the Bank.


Processes loan applications per hour.


Loan application processing potential


Supports users at the same time.

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