Instant card issuance with two taps

How We Helped To Implement Instant Credit Card Issuance In Two Taps. Case Study

Client’s problem

To make bank card-issuing fast, convenient, and accessible was our client’s primary task. 

Imagine that it takes just minutes to get your bank card from the second you apply to the moment you get it. And all you need is a Facebook messenger account. 

The messenger covers the majority of basic functions, which are usually supposed by mobile banking applications. It also provides the opportunity to order a virtual bank card and apply for a loan. 

This was our client’s ambitious plan and an exciting challenge for our team.

The Background, or A virtual bank card using a banking app

Our client is an East European Bank with 30 years’ history in the banking industry and a number of offices worldwide.

The Bank’s management set the task of launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Azerbaijan’s banking market that supports retail bank card issuance and basic operations. The MVP should occupy its niche, but it shouldn’t involve a  large financial investment. Simultaneously, the MVP had to be fully operational from the very moment of its appearance and support all existing contactless payment systems

The product should embrace 4 main demands: