Instant card issuance with two taps

Client’s problem

To make bank card-issuing fast, convenient, and accessible was our client’s primary task. 

Imagine that it takes just minutes to get your bank card from the second you apply to the moment you get it. And all you need is a Facebook messenger account. 

The messenger covers the majority of basic functions, which are usually supposed by mobile banking applications. It also provides the opportunity to order a virtual bank card and apply for a loan. 

This was our client’s ambitious plan and an exciting challenge for our team.

Screenshots of the final product

Background or a virtual bank card using a banking application

Our client is an European Bank with 30 years’ history in the banking industry and a number of offices worldwide.

The Bank’s management set the task of launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for banking market that supports retail bank card issuance and basic operations. The MVP should occupy its niche, but it shouldn’t involve a  large financial investment. Simultaneously, the MVP had to be fully operational from the very moment of its appearance and support all existing contactless payment systems.

The solution should embrace 4 main demands

Positive customer experience

The MVP should create indirect competition via the target audience’s preference due to product simplicity and novelty.

Quick launch

MVP should start working right after its launch. Further improvements would take place on the way.

High accessibility

The basic version of the product should be accessible for the citizens with no need of visiting the Bank.

Ease of promotion

The product should be easily promoted through traditional marketing channels, especially social networks.

Our client chose a chatbot as the means of delivery for this service. Though the idea of using chatbots for financial services is far from new, it was fully compatible with our client’s demands. The advanced features of a chatbot would make it more appealing for potential customers.

According to market research, 75% of the target audience in the country have Facebook Messenger installed. And about 95% have WhatsApp accounts. However, the Facebook Messenger platform provides the opportunity to add advertisements in the users’ news feed and link them to the Messenger itself so that a user could click a link and order a bank card. That is why we decided that chatbot application development for Facebook Messenger would be the best solution for our client.

It is imperative that the product corresponded with local laws and regulations in the banking sphere. And our team was simultaneously studying the legislative background in the country as well. 


After the main concept was negotiated, the technical plan was created. It included four stages:

Stage #1: Chatbot application development.

Stage #2: The development of a “light” solution for credit conveyor implementation.

Stage #3: Technical integration of stages 1 and 2 into the current banking infrastructure and local processing.

Stage #4: Integration with the Magento e-commerce platform.

Our responsibility was Stages #2-#4. But despite wide experience in credit conveyor development, our specialists faced a few interesting challenges. In meeting them, our team enriched its knowledge and improved our professional skills.

The whole bunch of challenges coupled with the necessity to develop the product as fast as possible has become a tough but interesting task for our team.

Sergei ArtimeniaSolutions Director, RNDPOINT

Сhallenges of stages 2-4


We had to overcome some stereotypes and habits of traditional banking system activity. New innovative digital product development requires the new way of thinking which is based upon the understanding of opportunities provided by digital technologies and tools.


In the course of product development the idea of its integration into an eCommerce platform appeared. Our team reacted immediately and suggested a content management system (CMS) Magento as a basis. With no schedule changes our specialists have successfully implemented idea.


The automated loan workflow should be integrated into chatbot, as well as the whole MVP into out-of-date data exchange infrastructure which did not correspond to the innovative decision-making paradigm of the chatbot.

Fast launch

MVP should be completely functional from its very launch, be flexible enough for further improvement, and be able to perform basic banking operations.


It was necessary to automate loan origination workflow which should be fully compatible with the chatbot.


The product and its functions should correspond to the local legislation and laws which regulate the banking sector in the country.

Solution. A smart chatbot for the Bank

Later on, our team started developing the functional for the chatbot itself. The set of functions should include no less than 60% of the most frequent banking operations, such as:

  • Checking the balance,
  • Balance change notification,
  • Money transfers to other cards and accounts,
  • Non-cash payments for goods and services,
  • Unique QR-code generation for sending it to friends as a request to lend money, etc.

But the opportunity of virtual bank card issuance via the developed application should have become the cherry on the cake top. At first, it would be an unidentified bank card with some limitations, if a retail bank client does not confirm his identity.

Later on, the card can be easily personified. All is needed to visit a bank or confirm the identity through a video call. The limits are removed then.

In addition, the application gives the opportunity to apply for a loan. A bank’s client has to provide their passport data for further credit history analysis. The data for analysis is gained from public authorities’ databases through API.

Delivery. Or the intricacies of chatbot development

We gained valuable experience in implementing chat bots in Banks and have developed our own Chatbot

Sergei ArtimeniaSolutions Director, RNDPOINT

Legislation compliance.

After close analysis of the legislative basis, our team took into account all local legislation compliance demands. And as the country is actively developing the concept of digitalization in banking, they were not too stringent. The country has a well-developed system to collect citizens’ financial behavior data. There is also a regulating mechanism for unidentified bank card issuing. In addition, the Central Bank of the country is actively developing a distance identification platform for banks’ clients.

Security compliance.

Our specialists also developed a unique application microarchitecture to ensure maximum personal data information security compliance.

BRMS implementation.

Moreover, to provide the MVP with scenario set-up flexibility, our team implemented a Business Rules Management System (BRMS). It delivers the potential to change scenarios and patterns quickly and seamlessly.

Additional components development.

Our team had to develop and implement additional components into the application. The components provide an effective chatbot connection with banking infrastructure, which has outdated data transfer technologies.

Integration into CMS Magento.

With integration into Magento Commerce 2, the client now has a full-featured, stable, scalable, flexible, and extendable platform that will support future business growth via traditional and innovative marketing channels.

Service working under high loads.

To build a reliable and fail-safe system that RNDpoint engineers used the FICO DMP Batch component, which proved to be trustworthy and stable for working under high loads.


As a result, we have developed a fully-viable, flexible, functional, innovative, and dazzling in simplicity product for the Bank and its customers. While MVP was tested, it aroused genuine interest among other banks in the group. It was big success for the bank to make a launch of a new product within two months. And it became possible with our help and assistance which we are proud of.

The product gained its popularity among the bank’s clients. Judging by the feedback from the customers, user-friendly interface, simplicity, and speed make the product appealing to the target audience. That is why a version for WhatsApp Messenger is being developed for a greater outreach.

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