Decision support system for the Bank based on Big data

Project Essence

Banking and Financial domains obtain a huge amount of data which is still not involved to support business growth.

Our customer – the leading European Bank – is a leading player at banking market since 1995. Within the period of 20 years the partner has gathered a large volume of data about its customers. All this data was unstructured and fragmentary.

For the purpose of increasing sales the partner needed to prepare, analyze/ learn, interpret/ find dependences and visualize the data.

We had to perform not trivial mission of Data Mining and Analysis. To increase the accuracy of results we use the data base of another partner of ours – Telecom operator. The agreement was achieved between the partners that analytical data received within this project will be shared and further used by both of them. As known Telco have vast data base of users introducing their behavior (location, family status, purchase history, etc.). We combined both data bases and developed a software platform that combines Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate performance management (BPM), Business Analytics (BA).

  • Business Intelligence: gives the capability to collect, intergrade and analyze information at enterprise level. Business users have the freedom to explore and interact with the information in a visual and effective way.
  • Business Analytics: used to exploit the most sophisticated statistical techniques to have higher impact and predictive insights with the data.
  • Business Planning: used to simulate, plan and monitor the impact of decisions on the organization performance. Effectively link its core decisions making process from strategy formulation to financial controlling, from profitability analysis to sales and operational planning.

Our developers, business analysts and scientists worked hard to make these all work together in a single integrated environment to support better decision making.

As a result the Platform enabled the organization to make better decisions with more ease, speed and accuracy.

Sergei ArtimeniaCustom Solutions Director

The Technologies

 DB: Neo4j, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Redis

Hadoop: MapReduce, Yarn, Hive, Impala, Spark, Flink

Search engine: ElasticSearch (ELK), Solr

Adobe tools: Adobe Experience Manager, Sightly, etc.

SCALA: akka

Java: Spark, Drools, Jersey, Swagger, Jenkins

Oracle ATG Web Commerce

JavaScript: Node.js, jQuery, Angular, Knockout

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