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Every project carried out by our specialists added to our expertise. We help our clients implement robotic process automation through innovative solutions that improve digital culture. Different business departments get end-to-end software development services that automate mission-critical business processes.

For the retail bank from Middle East we developed and deployed a solution based on a business rule management system (BRMS) for hosting multiple behavioural scorecards

Our client — the Bank that is a part of a banking group and a global financial services provider — wanted to keep the employees efficient and their customers satisfied. The Bank’s management came to the decision to automate their business processes and implement a Loan Origination System.

Our experts helped the Bank to research the markets of Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) and BPM engines. As a result, RNDpoint put their bargaining chip on the table. It was a custom out-of-the-box solution that embraces the front-runners of BRMS and BPM engine markets.

Our client – further referred to as the Bank – specializes in retail lending. They tasked us with ensuring effective debt management by overhauling their soft collection process.

The Bank has already had debt collection management software implemented. However, when the Bank’s management got in contact with our team, the necessity to upgrade was vital. The existing debt collection management software has become a bottleneck both in accuracy and performance. 

Managing business processes prudently, quickly, and efficiently has recently become the key condition for achieving strategic advantage for business.

Our client – the largest financial corporation in Russia – found out that its existing software system that supports decision-making in the organization has become a bottleneck, reducing the Bank’s efficiency and competitiveness.

After RNDpoint’s team successfully replaced decision making software in a bank, the client displayed significant growth in its vital parameters.

Our client – further referred as the Bank – has always been interested in its clients’ comfort. In spite of negative tendencies in national economies because of coronavirus pandemic outbreak consequences, the Bank tries to go on with the improvement of its positions in the market and infrastructure development to reach customers’ needs.

The development and implementation of an effective Early Warning System (EWS) was a solution to our client’s need to decrease the ratio of non-performing loans in the bank’s portfolio.

The pandemic outbreak showed that risks can be of different origins and various natures. Coronavirus has become a stress-test for many industries, including banking. And consequently, our client was affected as well. Bad and overdue credits have become a scourge, especially in the corporate banking sector.

The Retail Bank received numerous complaints from its customers about the performance of existing applications. RNDpoint has already delivered its previous projects to the Bank. Therefore the Bank management invited us to rebuild the mobile applications to meet customers’ demands.

The microservices implementation was the next step in our collaboration with the Retail Bank that had previously ordered a new Debt Collection System. Therefore our client invited us to take part in their RFQ.

Our customer (the retail bank) received numerous complaints from its customers about the performance of existing applications. RND Point has already delivered its previous projects to the bank. Therefore the bank management invited us to rebuild the applications.

The customer, the owner of the Collection system, is a sizable retail-oriented bank with a focus on lending to SMEs. Therefore, debt collection management is one of the bank’s essential business operations.

Imagine that it takes minutes for you from the bank card application to the moment you get it. And all the Bank’s customers would need is a Facebook messenger account. The messenger would cover the majority of basic functions which are usually supposed by mobile banking applications. And it also provides the opportunity to order a virtual bank card and apply for a loan.

Successful fraud detection solution for municipal Insurance fund that automated the fraud identification. The decreased fraudulent cases by 26% ultimately improved anti-fraud culture.

The customer needed to service more than 500,000 pieces of equipment, which required about 1 million man-hours of maintenance per year. Implementation of decision support system allowed client to optimize predictive maintenance and automate the process of planning, avoid equipment downtime.

The leading European Bank received a system for decision support. It was based on Big Data approach that turned unstructured data in digestible data sets for building dependences and further Analysis.

A software solution that helps optimize wireless networks, make proper planning and maintenance for Telecoms. A way better efficiency in a single Telecom solution.

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