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Accelerate your time-to-market and reduce development expenses with our pre-developed NEObank software. Easily customizable and ready for effective scaling.
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Launch Your Neobank App in Weeks by_RNDpoint

Discover the Power of RNDpoint's Neobank Software

Neobank software by RNDpoint offers exceptional features and advantages, including a fully customizable mobile UI, a wide range of integrations, and a unique customizable backend core. 

Regional banks, credit unions, FinTech startups and challenger banks can leverage this software to accelerate time-to-market, reduce development cost, and deliver a superior  customer experience.

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What’s Special About Neobank Software by RNDpoint

Fully-customizable mobile UI

Immerse your users in an app built with world-class UX principles. Integrating seamlessly with your design system, we’ll deliver a fully branded, launch-ready solution in a matter of weeks.

Selection of implemented integrations

Choose the integrated provider that best suits your business needs, or opt for a bespoke  integration with your preferred provider.

Unique customizable backend core

Our modular backend core enables us to develop highly optimized backend flows, outperforming the market average by building them 5 times faster.

Managing Director & CEO

Co-founder and CEO at MobID, Managing Director and CEO at RNDpoint, strategic partner at 4IRE. Acting member of Credit Dnepr bank’s supervisory board, former VP at the Ukrainian division of Mastercard. In-depth FinTech expert with many years of experience at top-rated financial institutions.

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Complete solution to launch your neobank buisness faster

    Key Features

    KYC for customer onboarding
    • Customer registration
    • Identity document management
    • Fingerprint login
    • Regulatory compliance 
    • Interface for KYC officers
    Current accounts
    • Single- and multi-currency accounts
    • Checking fiat account 
    • Account management 
    • Account statements 
    • Transaction history
    Payments & Transfers
    • Top-up by card or transfer
    • P2P transfers 
    • Request to pay
    • International transfers 
    • Currency exchange
    • QR code payments
    • Card issuing (virtual or physical) 
    • Card management from the app 
    • 3D Secure payments 
    • Tokenization of payment card
    Customer communication tools
    • In-app notifications 
    • Notification settings 
    • Email integration
    AML Compliance
    • AML rules & black lists 
    • Account limits 
    • Interface for AML officers
    Admin Dashboard
    • Pricing plans & fees management 
    • User, account, and card management 
    • Custom access roles 
    • Advanced filtering 
    • Exporting for transactions 
    • Reports
    • Enhanced user analytics

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    Diana Zozulia
    Business Development Manager

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    Success stories

    Developing a Neobank From Scratch
    100,000+ users attracted and 70,000+ cards issued within the first year of operation. The Top-3 downloaded apps in several European countries.
    Loop: eWallet and Payment Platform for a Saudi Arabian Client
    Finalizing and launching the digital payment platform Loop. The audit of the already written code, improvement of the quality and security
    P2P Money Transfer App
    Innovative P2P Money Transfer App development from scratch. Full-scale payment app creation within 6 months, delivering a functional platform with a rich feature set.

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    RNDpoint's clients are financial companies from all over the world. Read their stories to see how we helped them on the journey to success.



    What makes neobank software by RNDpoint special?
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    Can the mobile UI of your neobank software be fully customized to match my brand identity?
    What integrations are already implemented in your neobank software?
    Is the backend core of your neobank software customizable to meet my specific requirements?
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