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eWallet White Label Payment Platform

Launch your eWallet x3 faster and x2 cheaper. Pre-built eWallet Backend Core and Integration layer.

Supercharge Your Business with a White-Label eWallet Platform

With the eWallet white-label solution, RNDpoint significantly speeds up the development process of payment systems. Our average time-to-market is 2 months. 

The solution includes three layers: the backend core, the integration layer, and the user interface.

eWallet backend core

We use our proprietary software ProcessMIX to develop the backend part of the eWallet solution, resolve backend tasks of any complexity, streamline and optimize all backend processes.

Key Features:

  • User authentication and registration
  • Top up and recharge tools
  • Funds transfer and withdrawal
  • Currency exchange and cryptocurrencies
  • Card issuing
  • Administration and user management
  • Automated business processes
  • Reporting
  • …and more tools powered by ProcessMIX
wallet backend logic

Mobile user interface

Our eWallet platform contains pre-built ready-to-use screen templates. Our UI/UX experts can customize a ready-made design or create an individual one. 

Key Features:

  • Individual design
  • Ready templates
  • Prototyping according to customer needs
  • Custom development
  • User-friendly experience
Mobile User interface

Integration Layer

Using the proprietary low-code ProcessMIX platform, we’ve managed to ensure quick and easy integrations with any third-party systems. 

Key Integrations:

  • Banking partners
  • Card issuing partner
  • Open banking 
  • Notifications 
  • Payment providers
  • Subscription management platforms
  • Tokenized payments
integration layer

Why develop your eWallet with RNDpoint?

Delivery process

01 EWB Core to AWS deployment
02 Preparation of mobile UI and connection to EWB
03 Preparation of mobile UI and connection to EWB
Add new features
Preparation of mobile UI and connection to EWB

Integrations we provide

Payment systems
Subscription management platforms
ePayment gateways
P2P payment platforms
KYC/AML services
Broker and stock trading platforms
Credit bureaus, fraud reporting
Business intelligence platforms, CRM
Accounting systems
Technologies we use

Seamless opportunities for eWallet Provider

Catering for various customers. Both for individuals and merchants
Serve individual customers, helping them pay and make purchases, as well as businesses, helping them get paid.
Customizable fees and limits. Open new revenue streams
Monetize each customer segment via flexible commissions and operations fees and limits.
Multilingual capabilities. Enter the new markets
Leverage multilingual and multicurrency capabilities to acquire customers in any region.
Convenient back-office. Boost team productivity
Enable each staff member to focus on important business tasks rather than coping with a routine.

Seamless opportunities for Users

01 Multicurrency/multi-asset accounts
Multicurrency/multi-asset accounts

Add as many currencies or other asset types to the system as you deem necessary, without any limits. Include cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and branded tokens.

02 Borderless transfers
Borderless transfers

Enable payments between cards, wallets, and mobile via an integration with the corresponding service or payment providers.

03 Spendings visualization
Spendings visualization

Help your customers track their expenses by displaying them in the form of charts, graphs, or a map of transactions.

04 Bank payments
Bank payments

Integrate with a banking network to satisfy your users’ financial services needs. Attract different audience segments and increase turnover.

05 Popular payments
Popular payments

Integrate local vendors to enable utility bills and broadband payments, QR payments, mobile phone recharge, POS, and BNPL payments.

06 Currency exchange
Currency exchange

Enable customers to open their wallets in multiple currencies and perform currency exchange within their wallets.

We have delivered over 120 projects in FinTech and banking industries. Some of them are under NDA, though some we are glad to share with you.

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Sergio Artimenia
Sergio Artimenia
Managing Director

Digital wallet solution use cases

User authentication and registration
  • User KYC
  • Authentication by mobile number or email
  • 2-factor authentication: PIN and biometrics
Top up
  • From bank account and/or card 
  • Using SWIFT or IBAN
  • From another eWallet
  • Card acquiring
Funds transfer
  • E-wallet to e-wallet
  • E-wallet to the user’s own card
  • E-wallet to another card
  • E-wallet to a bank account 
  • Crypto wallet / Cryptocurrency exchange
Funds withdrawal from the card
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • NFC
  • RFID
  • QR payments
Card issuing
  • Plastic card 
  • Virtual card
Administration and user management
  • View and edit user, wallet, and transaction data
  • Reconciliation
  • Settlement
  • Taxes reporting
  • Anti-fraud and AML

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