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eWallet White Label Payment Solution

We help FinTech companies, telecoms, and retailers develop digital wallets more quickly and affordably. Our customizable solution is designed for seamless scaling and optimal customer experience.

eWallet Solution Use Cases

What’s Special About Our Virtual Wallet App

A fully-customizable mobile UI kit

Built with the best UX practices in mind, our eWallet solution can be tailored to your branding and integrated into your design system, allowing for a quick and hassle-free launch in just weeks.

A fully-customizable mobile UI kit by RND point

Unique customizable backend core

Our modular backend construction software is the result of years of experience in FinTech. It enables us to build highly optimized backend flows of any complexity up to 5 times faster than the market average. Read more about ProcessMIX.

Unique customizable backend core by RND point

Selection of providers for integration

You can choose from a range of integrated providers that best suits your business needs, or request a custom integration with your preferred provider.

Selection of providers for integration by RND point

Integrations we provide

Payment systems
Subscription management platforms
ePayment gateways
P2P payment platforms
KYC/AML services
Broker and stock trading platforms
Credit bureaus, fraud reporting
Business intelligence platforms, CRM
Accounting systems
Technologies we use

All-In-One eWallet Solution: What’s included

Mobile eWallet features
  • KYC & Onboarding
  • Fingerprint login
  • Checking fiat account
  • Top-up from bank account and/or card
  • P2P money transfer
  • Request to pay
  • International transfers
  • Currency exchange
  • QR code payment
  • Transaction history
  • Card issuing (virtual or physical)
  • 3DS payment
  • Tokenization of payment card data
Admin Dashboard
  • User, account, and card management
  • Custom access roles
  • Transaction filters and export
  • Fees management
  • Limits management
  • Money laundering blacklists
  • Interface for KYC officers
  • Interface for AML officers
  • Reports
  • Enhanced user analytics

eWallet Payment System Key Attributes

Ease of configuration

Highly scalable architecture

Highly secured framework

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Sergio Artimenia
Sergio Artimenia
Managing Director

What Sets Our eWallet Solution Apart

High security
Be at ease with our Tier 1 security standards for user data storage, authentication, and password management.
Best DevOps practices
Our solution is designed with an uptime of 99.95% in mind. We constantly work on improving our DevOps practices.
Let your users receive in-app, SMS, or email notifications for their transactions and activities.

Why work with RNDpoint

Extensive experience

We have an extensive experience in FinTech and banking, with over 9 years and 120 successful projects under our belt. A trusted partner of finance industry leaders.

Personal approach 

At RNDpoint, do our best to tailor our solutions to your business needs. Whether you prefer to be involved in the development process or leave it to us, we guarantee a high-quality outcome that meets your expectations.


Unique technological solutions

With our proprietary backend construction tool, ProcessMIX, we can develop FinTech products of any complexity quickly and efficiently. Learn more about ProcessMIX.

Digital Wallet Development: how the delivery goes

RNDpoint's development timeline for the eWallet white label solution is significantly shorter compared to the timeline for custom digital wallet development.
Сustom eWallet development 10-20 Months
Сustom digital wallets can take from 10 to 20 months to develop.
8-12 Weeks
8-12 Weeks
Development / Integrations
8-12 Weeks
4-8 Weeks
Pilot Testing
4-8 Weeks
RNDpoint 4-6 Months
RNDpoint's solution can be developed in just 4 to 6 months. This not only allows for a faster time-to-market but also reduces development costs.
1-2 Weeks
1-2 Weeks
Development / Integrations
2-6 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
Pilot Testing
2-3 Weeks
Time Efficiency
Coast Efficiency


Here’s what our clients say about the quality of digital wallet solutions and the overall experience of working with RNDpoint experts.


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