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Mobile Wallet White-Label Solution

Launch your mobile wallet now to strengthen your financial services offering for your clients and unlock new revenue streams. Seize global market potential and enable financial inclusion with a cost-effective and fast time-to-market mobile wallet solution by RNDpoint.

What’s Included in Our Core Mobile Wallet Solution

A Fully Customizable Mobile Wallet Solution

Our mobile wallet solution offers a personalized experience with branding tailored to your design, ensuring a hassle-free launch in just weeks. Send money, withdraw funds effortlessly, and keep your balance topped up using various funding sources. Take advantage of multi-currency support for international transactions, manage your user profile, and access detailed transaction histories.

A Fully Customizable Mobile Wallet Solution

User-Friendly Back Office

Experience the benefits of our back office with a user-friendly interface designed for your mobile wallet. The dashboard offers comprehensive insights into your business operations, including key performance indicators, transaction volumes, revenue insights, and user activity. Efficiently manage customers, wallets, and accounts, assign roles and permissions, and customize settings to align with your business requirements.

User-Friendly Back Office

Personalized Business and Tech Consulting

At RNDpoint, we offer comprehensive technical and business consulting services to support your mobile wallet launch and continued growth. Our team of experts is committed to your success, ensuring that you not only launch your digital wallet successfully but also make strategic decisions that drive your success.

Personalized Business and Tech Consulting

Unique customizable backend core

Our modular backend construction software is the result of years of experience in FinTech. It enables us to build highly optimized backend flows of any complexity up to 5 times faster than the market average. Read more about ProcessMIX.

Unique customizable backend core by RND point

Selection of providers for integration

We also offer custom integration services as an additional option, enhancing the core your mobile wallet solution beyond our core offering. You can choose from a range of integrated providers that best suits your business needs, or request a custom integration with your preferred provider. 

Selection of providers for integration by RND point

All-In-One eWallet Solution: What’s included

Mobile eWallet features
  • KYC & Onboarding
  • Fingerprint login
  • Checking fiat account
  • Top-up from bank account and/or card
  • P2P money transfer
  • Request to pay
  • International transfers
  • Currency exchange
  • QR code payment
  • Transaction history
  • Card issuing (virtual or physical)
  • 3DS payment
  • Tokenization of payment card data
Admin Dashboard
  • User, account, and card management
  • Custom access roles
  • Transaction filters and export
  • Fees management
  • Limits management
  • Money laundering blacklists
  • Interface for KYC officers
  • Interface for AML officers
  • Reports
  • Enhanced user analytics
Managing Director & CEO

Co-founder and CEO at MobID, Managing Director and CEO at RNDpoint, strategic partner at 4IRE. Acting member of Credit Dnepr bank’s supervisory board, former VP at the Ukrainian division of Mastercard. In-depth FinTech expert with many years of experience at top-rated financial institutions.

Managing Director

Founder at ProcessMix no-code decision management system, Founder at ABLE lending automation platform. Peter developed multiple enterprise-level solutions at FinTechs and led digital transformation at banks, insurance, and healthcare companies. 15+ years of IT&Tech consulting experience.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Launch Your Mobile Wallet?

With more than 1.7 billion adults still not having access to formal financial services, the opportunity to make a difference is immense.
Global digital payment transactions are on track to surpass $10.07 trillion by 2026, with a compelling CAGR of 13.5%.
The unbanked population represents a vast, underserved market segment, ready for innovative solutions.

Our Set Up Process of Mobile Wallet White-Label Solution

Here is our approach to delivering a tailored white-label mobile wallet solution that aligns with our clients requirements.
Requirements Gathering

We start with a thorough requirements gathering phase to precisely define the unique specifications of the mobile wallet white-label solution, taking into account factors such as target audience, features, and compliance requirements.

Matching the Scope with the White-Label Solution

Together with the client we validate whether white-label solution is a suitable match for the identified project scope to accommodate future needs.

Estimation of the Customization

We estimate the level of customization required, encompassing elements like UI/UX design enhancements, streamlined user flows, and integrations with existing systems or third-party services.

Estimation of Additional Modules

Evaluate the potential need for additional module development, presenting detailed cost estimates to cover the creation of new features or functionalities to meet specific business requirements.

One -Time Payment for License

We arrange a one-time payment for the license, ensuring all legal and financial aspects are in order for seamless deployment.

Product Launch

Product development phase that includes deployment of the customized solution and integrating it into the existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition.

Technical Support

Our team offers robust technical support throughout the solution’s lifecycle, providing ongoing assistance, updates, and troubleshooting to guarantee a seamless user experience and maintain the product optimal performance.

eWallet Solution Use Cases

Integrations we can add to your mobile wallet solution

Payment systems
Subscription management platforms
ePayment gateways
P2P payment platforms
KYC/AML services
Broker and stock trading platforms
Credit bureaus, fraud reporting
Business intelligence platforms, CRM
Accounting systems
Technologies we use

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Diana Zozulia
Business Development Manager

What Sets Our eWallet Solution Apart

High security
Be at ease with our Tier 1 security standards for user data storage, authentication, and password management.
No monthly fee
You won't be charged any monthly fees, a one-time payment for the license gives you access to all API rights and the source code.
Scalable backend core
ProcessMIX low-code backend platform allows for rapid integrations, significantly accelerates development, reduces costs, and ensures seamless flexibility and efficiency.


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    Why Banks and FinTechs trust RNDpoint

    Working with Leading Banks

    Since 2014, RNDpoint has established itself as a reliable technology partner for major players in the Banking and FinTech sectors, including esteemed clients like FICO, Jumio, Danske Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Teradata,

    Diverse Product Portfolio

    In addition to our versatile solutions, such as ProcessMIX and digital bank software, we collaborate with leading platforms like Datrics to provide a wide range of services to suit diverse business needs.


    Holistic Approach to Partnerships

    With expertise of our seasoned professionals in FinTech and Banking, we offer comprehensive partnership support. Beyond technical solutions, we provide business consulting and help facilitate negotiations with legal providers, ensuring a seamless partnership experience.

    Digital Wallet Development: how the delivery goes

    RNDpoint's development timeline for the eWallet white label solution is significantly shorter compared to the timeline for custom digital wallet development.
    Сustom eWallet development 10-20 Months
    Сustom digital wallets can take from 10 to 20 months to develop.
    8-12 Weeks
    UI / UX
    8-12 Weeks
    Development / Integrations
    8-12 Weeks
    4-8 Weeks
    Pilot Testing
    4-8 Weeks
    Mobile Wallet Solution by RNDpoint 3-4 Months
    RNDpoint's solution can be developed in just 4 to 6 months. This not only allows for a faster time-to-market but also reduces development costs.
    1-2 Weeks
    UI / UX
    1-2 Weeks
    Development / Integrations
    2-6 Weeks
    2-3 Weeks
    Pilot Testing
    2-3 Weeks
    Time Efficiency
    Cost Efficiency


    Here’s what our clients say about the quality of digital wallet solutions and the overall experience of working with RNDpoint experts.


    Our Success Stories in Mobile Wallet Development

    E-wallet and mobile transfers - Loop
    End-to-end e-wallet and payment platform optimization with backend code logic audit and improvements.
    P2P Money Transfer App
    Innovative P2P Money Transfer App development from scratch. Full-scale payment app creation within 6 months, delivering a functional platform with a rich feature set.

    FAQ on Mobile Wallet Solution Development

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    How can I get started with mobile wallet app development?
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