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Trading platform development service

RNDpoint can enhance your trading business with robust solutions for steady revenue growth and customer satisfaction, from financial trading software to a fully operational advisory platform.
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Power up your trading business with RNDpoint’s expertise

RNDpoint’s team of trading systems developers will help you build unique, feature-rich robotic stock trading software. We work to ensure your business’s success with end-to-end support on all aspects of trading functionality.

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Rrading business with RNDpoint

Custom Trading Platform Development Services

We create custom trading platforms with all needed modules, APIs, and analytics dashboards. Security and innovation are at the top of our list.
Market News Tracking Software

Our tech experts equip traders with automated news-tracking tools to take advantage of the hottest market events.

Investment Management Frontend Systems

We ensure our clients receive personalized and innovative solutions to manage their investments. With our team, it’s simple.

Trading Execution Middleware

For our team, transaction middleware is integral to stock trading software development. We connect trading platforms to exchange servers. 

Market Monitoring Software

We deliver excellent automated stock market trading software to let our clients stay tuned to market changes 24/7.

Brokerage Systems

We build brokerage workflow software and fully customizable brokerage process management systems to achieve full trading automation. 

Stock and Equities Trading Software

Our tech experts build platforms for stocks and equities trading, ensuring they get real-time price updates and relevant market analytics. 

Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile-first is RNDpoint’s standard. Our experts create secure, functional, and user-friendly trading mobile applications. 

Trading Data Analysis Solutions

RNDpoint provides a 360° view of trading activities by equipping platforms with informative analytics charts and dashboards. 

Hedging Software

RNDpoint creates top-notch software for effective portfolio hedging and trading-related risk optimization. 

Commodities Trading Software

We set up commodities trading platforms to manage commodities investment and provide real-time price tracking and volume analysis. 

Liquidity Management Platforms

RNDpoint’s team equips traders with liquidity management functionality to ensure the best trading terms and run stress scenarios.

Data Analysis Solutions

Our data analysis functionality helps traders get in-depth market insights and elevate their trading experience to a whole new level. 

Futures Trading Software

We develop futures trading platforms with all the necessary tools to simultaneously trade, oversee the markets, and place and monitor orders.

OTC Trading Platforms

Our team builds fully customizable and user-friendly OTC trading platforms with smart order routing and a rich set of trading algorithms. 

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Robo-advisor solution

Integrating a robo-advisor into an investment trading app gives the added benefit of automating trading and earning extra profits.

A well-designed financial robo-advisor can up the game in the trading industry. It condenses big market data into digestible, visual insights that inform your market decisions and help you trade better. 

Real-time updates and a strong focus on your filters ensure that you are on top of the market with timely and data-based actions.

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Robo-advisor solution

Robo-advisor software

RNDpoint creates robo-advisor software with all necessary risk indicators, income, and other parameters of an investment order. We automate portfolio creation, reinvestment, and tax payment.

Real-time algorithmic trading and assets allocation strategies

Financial data analysis and recommendation systems

Portfolio construction, analysis, and rebalancing tools

AI-powered robo-advisors

Stock market analytics tools

Market sentiment analysis tools


Setting up the robotic stock trading software or robo-advisor features promises you sizable performance improvements. 

Automation of core processes and decisions, coupled with a richness of features, makes RNDpoint’s robotic software a beneficial choice for all trading project types.


  • Self-registration
  • Self-onboarding 
  • Document management 
  • Client risk profiling tools
  • Scoring and auto-matching 
  • Automatic portfolio construction
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Utilizing asset-class products
  • Automated client communications
  • Compliance and risk monitoring
  • Auto-reporting and alerts 
  • CRM tools 
  • Pre-defined processes
  • Integration with data providers
RDN Point trading platform

Our expertise

Study our cases to see our trading expertise
Trading platform
Algorithmic Trading - Breaking Equity
An algo-trading platform with a full set of automated trading tools and strategy-building functionality for retail and institutional users.
RND_Case_Breaking Equity
Brokerage: Stock Trading and Investment App
Trading application for the B2C segment, which would cover the stock exchange trading and investing needs of the Bank’s existing clients.


Explore the tech stack we use to develop trading platforms and robo-advisor apps.
Front END
Tech AngularJS Angular
Tech React React
Back END
Tech Java Java
Spring Framework
Tech Python Python


We ensure integrations with third-party systems to create coherent trading software. Explore the list of our main technology partners.

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