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Complete custom trading app development for private traders, financial advisors, wealth managers, and FinTechs.
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Power Up Your Trading Business With RNDpoint’s Expertise

We create, integrate, and customize trading software that streamlines everyday operations and automates trading processes.

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Power Up Your Trading Business With RNDpoint’s Expertise

Our Trading Platform Services

Trades automation & trading bots

Streamline your trading process with our trades’ automation capabilities and trading bots.

  • Onboarding / KYC
  • Payment systems integration
  • Brokers integration
  • Different order types
  • Strategy backtesting
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Alerts and signals
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Trades automation & trading bots by RND point

Trading apps & platforms

Transform your trading ideas into reality with our expert trading app and platform development services.

  • Onboarding / KYC
  • Asset management
  • Different order types
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • News feed 
  • Educational functionality
  • Alerts and signals
  • Events tracking
  • Payment systems integration 
  • Brokers integration
  • Back-office and reporting
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Trading apps & platforms by RND point

Investment apps

Empower your investment strategy with the help of our investment app development team.

  • Onboarding / KYC
  • Risk profile defining
  • Account top-up and withdrawal
  • Portfolio management
  • Brokers integration
  • Robo-advisor
  • News feed 
  • Educational functionality
  • Back-office and reporting
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Investment apps by RND point

Brokers Integration

Seamlessly integrate your trading app with any third-party broker-dealers.

  • Integration requirements identification 
  • The broker API research 
  • Integration solution design and development
  • Integration testing
  • Integration deployment
  • Monitoring and maintenance
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Brokers Integration by RND point

Key Trading Integrations We Provide

Card schemes
Market data providers

Rapid Trading App Development

RNDpoint uses advanced technology and deep industry expertise to provide quick and effective trading application development services. RNDpoint’s trading app development is powered by our proprietary solution ProcessMIX.

Time to market x1.8 faster 

Our team can launch your trading app nearly twice as fast as traditional development methods.

No-code development

At our company, we develop trading apps using a no-code approach.

Zero DevOps

Our approach ensures that the trading app works smoothly without the involvement of DevOps.

The bench of ready 3rd party integrations

We quickly and seamlessly integrate key functionalities into trading apps.

Trading success stories

Study case studies to see our trading expertise.
Algorithmic Trading - Breaking Equity
An algo-trading platform with a full set of automated trading tools and strategy-building functionality for retail and institutional users.
RND_Case_Breaking Equity
Brokerage: Stock Trading and Investment App
Trading application for the B2C segment, which would cover the stock exchange trading and investing needs of the Bank’s existing clients.



Why choose RNDpoint

Expertise in the trading industry

Since 2014 in the trading market. 120+ successful FinTech projects.

Qualified team of experts

250+ experts with deep expertise in the trading industry.

Transparent processes

Deliveries every 2 weeks. Direct communication with the team. Daily/weekly status updates.


KYC and AML, encryption, network security, regular updates and testing.

Time to market 

2–4 months for the trading app MVP development.

Proprietary FinTech solutions

ProcessMIX low-code platform, ABLE Platform, eWallet White Label solution.


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