System integration

Blend multiple software and hardware systems into a working mechanism

Recently, businesses have become more dependent on a wide variety of software tools and components to keep their processes running smoothly. As a result, the space for RND POINT in our clients’ ecosystem has evolved.

System integration – a process of connecting multiple software and hardware products into a blended environment – is becoming more valuable than ever.

On a daily basis RND POINT’s integration engineers implement a variety of software products and face numerous challenges. The main integration challenge in our work is to ensure effective and uninterrupted interaction of new software components with the existing ones. That is, to install and “band together” all the components of the entire banking software ecosystem. Therefore, our system integrators pay special attention to building reliable microservice architecture within our clients’ digital ecosystem.

Modern banking is driven by customer needs. New products are dictated by business units of the bank to satisfy the customer demand. If there is a necessity to originate loans, the bank department will require a lending system. The business owner is able to formulate requirements for the Loan origination system. But they will never know how to integrate it with the existing reporting system or something else. In theory they know that there have to be an API and it should work, but no one checks if the API comply with all the other banking systems. Therefore, when the loan origination system is implemented in the bank, the IT department breaks its head to integrate it (via the API or something else) with other banking systems. And it may turn out that the existing reporting system works online, and it needs to introduce data online. And all of the sudden it appears that the new Loan origination system either cannot be integrated with the old reporting system (it slows down its work) or is not possible with the existing API. And this is the main “headache” for the IT departments of banks.

And most of banking systems are based on such collisions. For a new software component to work effectively within the banking system, it is not enough to say that the component performs its functions or that it has an API. We should investigate how it will be integrated with other components of the banking system.

Therefore, we have accumulated deep expertise in the processes of banking products integration and the development of the right communication processes within the bank. Whether you are implementing an out-of-the-box software or integrating existing banking components through an API with the new products from leading vendors.

Lately RND POINT have raised the bank’s IT infrastructure to a new level for one of our customers. In 2018, together with the architects of a leading Russian bank, we introduced a updated micro-service architecture. It was based on the principle that the internal banking architecture is more important than the external software components that are implemented by third party suppliers.

Thus, a number of requirements were developed for all external components, a mechanism of the interaction between the components, a mechanism for tracking the status of all the software components was built.

Our well-coordinated team is ready to audit your internal systems and give recommendations for improving your architecture.

As a result of the implementation of these recommendations, you can:

 reduce the cost of implementing and supporting new software

increase the reliability of your architecture

give a way for easy and risk-free implementation of new features

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