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RNDpoint is a reliable provider of loan management systems perfect for commercial and retail banking use, MFIs, and alternative lenders. Enjoy the convenience of end-to-end lending automation and the power of AI decision-making and analytics.
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Lending software solutions by RNDpoint

Embrace the power of in-depth AI analytics and advanced technology in state-of-the-art, automated lending software products. With RNDpoint, you’re sure to see your FinTech, banking, or credit lending project deployed in less than 12 weeks.
Loan management software

We simplify loan automation with a scalable, configurable lending system for full-cycle credit servicing.

Loan origination systems

Save time and resources with our loan origination solution, automating your loan application flow and maximizing fast loan allocation to eligible borrowers.

Loan monitoring systems

Monitor your loans with an AI-powered loan monitoring solution that automates loan disbursement and issues data-backed early warnings about associated risks.

Loan servicing software

Service your loan portfolio like a high-profile bank with the full toolkit of loan management tools. Optimize servicing time and adjust credit products hassle-free.

Debt collection software

Our enterprise-level debt collection software ensures seamless business process automation and compliance assurance for your current borrowers. 

Credit scoring software

Make informed lending decisions based on an AI-driven credit scoring solution, customizable to your business parameters and client base.

Decision management systems

Improve your lending decisions with our AI-enhanced low-code decision management platform for risk assessment automation and eligible lender identification rules.

Fraud detection software

Take advantage of rigorous audits of illegitimate and high-risk loan applications and analyze them in real-time to minimize the risks of bad loans.


Consumer lending solutions

RNDpoint provides smart digital lending software, allowing consumer lenders to fully automate their lending processes and incorporate AI/ML credit scoring. All with a quick time-to-market in under 12 weeks.

Payday loans

Get a payday loan software system to issue low-risk, short-term consumer loans. Precise decisioning and automatic compliance updates are under the belt.

POS financing

Use advanced AI scoring tools and automated workflows configured to your business requirements for efficient POS financing of retailer customers. 

Peer-to-peer loans

Build optimal links between borrowers and lenders on a secure, robust P2P lending platform, fully automated and customizable to your business needs. 



Use our white-label mortgage origination and servicing software to minimize your time-to-market and optimize loan disbursement based on AI credit scoring insights. 


Car loans

Allow frictionless and quick car loan approvals for dealers and individuals based on the configurable, automated software solution for auto financing. 


Student loans

Set up a smart, customized system for subsidized and unsubsidized student loan origination and servicing, eligibility check, and loan product configuration. 


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Commercial lending solutions

Top-tier lending software solutions for commercial lenders with less than 15 minutes to complete the application approval process. End-to-end automation and a full range of customization options. Market entry in less than 3 months.

01 Business and SME lending
Business and SME lending

Create a scalable and flexible system for lending process automation and AI-backed credit scoring at the application stage. Cut the approval time by up to 50%. 

02 Merchant cash advance
Merchant cash advance

Provide your small businesses with a viable financing alternative to cover cash flow shortages and short-term expenses, optimizing the cycle of debt. 

03 Leasing and brokerage
Leasing and brokerage

Use our lending software for brokerage journey optimization, automation, data visibility, and data-based insights.

04 Factoring and trade financing
Factoring and trade financing

Apply a ready-made, configurable suite of integrated tools for effective factoring and trade financing across the full receivables' lifecycle.

05 Equipment financing
Equipment financing

Achieve unrivaled automation of equipment financing and leasing decisions with a smart lending platform utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

06 Invoice financing
Invoice financing

Address the full scope of lender challenges by applying a customizable, automated solution for invoice discounting and financing tasks.

07 Investment lending
Investment lending

Complete full customer lifecycle management with a large toolkit for loan product configuration, reports, and audit compliance tracking activities.

08 Real estate loans
Real estate loans

Minimize the number of bad real estate loans using the smart credit scoring toolkit and automate the mortgage granting algorithm from origination to collection.

Our Success Stories

RNDpoint is a fintech-focused technology partner that combines business and enterprise-grade engineering expertise for mid-market organizations and growing startups

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