Financial Software Solutions by RNDpoint

At RNDpoint, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all banking and financial services software solutions. Backed by many years in IT consulting and software development, RNDpoint work closely with banks and various types and sizes of financial institutions to create unique software solutions.

financial software solutions: custom and accustomed

The banking industry is changing at unprecedented speeds. Success depends on the satisfaction of digital-savvy consumers’ demands and the implementation of advanced technologies, while complying with tougher regulations and constant innovations at the same time.

Ready-made software banking solutions usually address the multiple needs of financial companies. At RNDpoint, we bridge this gap by offering both custom financial software and integrating off-the-shelf third-party solutions. Both with a full understanding of all the banking and finance sectors’ peculiarities, and taking into account individual needs to create flexible financial software.

State and private, corporate and retail banking software solutions, and much more

The financial industry is represented by a vast range of organizations of various sizes and types. At RNDpoint, we aim to assist financial institutions regardless of their origin, size, or sphere of activity. Our team develops and implements:

  • software solutions for government banks;
  • software solutions for private banks;
  • investment banking software solutions;
  • online banking software solutions;
  • banking capital management software solutions

RNDpoint’s financial software: advantages we offer

The financial industry is investing billions of dollars a year to implement software solutions needed to survive in the new data-driven market conditions.

RNDpoint’s development services help banks develop well-crafted financial software without committing to large and unnecessary in-house engineering teams.

To summarize the advantages that our team offer, it is necessary to underline the following ones:

  • Access to experts.

    When cooperating with the RNDpoint’s team, you will be given access to  a wide range of talented and experienced specialists – from banking analysts and business consultants to designers and engineers with rich expertise in the banking domain.

  • Fast project implementation.

    Due to years of experience as contractors and lots of projects in their careers, our staff start projects quicker and complete them in less time. 

    They can apply their experience to resolve common problems quickly, streamline complex parts of the development cycle and reduce the overall length of the project.  All the while considering the entire project, including elements such as user design, quality assurance, and data privacy at every step of the development process.

  • In-depth financial data analysis.

    The finance industry is traditionally a leader in data collection and analytics. RNDpoint’s financial and banking analysts will help you manage consumer data and increase sales and promote customer loyalty, all at the same time. 

    And our custom financial software will let you use credit scores, analyze spending habits, and demographic data, creditworthiness, and more to offer tailored services to each consumer.

  • Data protection.

    While cooperating with our team, you solve one of the most important challenges – to keep your vulnerable information safe. Considering the types of data that financial organizations work with, this could not be more important.  

    Our team strictly follows NDA obligations to keep your sensitive data secure at all stages of cooperation.

RNDpoint’s financial software capabilities

Financial services systems are a unique challenge for software developers and testers. Controls, processes, and technologies for managing changes to software systems must be developed and documented. Software solutions need to be tested not only against the functional requirements from the customer but also against a list of mandated corporate policies and regulations.

By using RNDpoint’s custom financial tools, you will enjoy stress-free software development and testing activities and get the required functionality right out of the box, with a low total cost of ownership (TCO), too. 

Moreover, our financial software gives you the option of:

  • Regulatory compliance. In addition to the standard testing requirements, such as functionality, performance, and vulnerability testing, financial systems have to meet a whole bunch of constantly changing legal regulations. With RNDpoint’s financial services software, you will be able to trace these changes in the regulatory landscape to alter required test plans, validation procedures, and system requirements quickly and keep your company on the right track.
  • Traceability. For financial companies and banks, requirements traceability is compulsory. All changes to the core systems must be validated, documented, and managed in accordance with the defined processes, procedures, roles, and regulations. RNDpoint’s custom solutions provide you with the ability to manage the entire end-to-end process of developing and testing software in accordance with your defined processes. Simplification of reporting makes it easier to demonstrate the linkage between your policy attestations and the final code release.
  • Security and privacy. RNDpoint’s financial software gives you tools to keep tracking your security requirements, testing activities, and associated defects. You can see who made changes to each artifact in the system. Real-time traceability lets you find unauthorized code changes and prevent security vulnerabilities before they happen. In addition, RNDpoint’s software solutions are available both on-premises and as a secure cloud service, giving you multiple options to suit your security policies.
  • Transaction processing. Financial services organizations often deal with testing transactions containing large volumes of highly precise data, wherein manual testing doesn’t work anymore. By using RNDpoint’s software solutions, you automate your financial transaction testing system and simplify the process of creating large-scale data-driven regression tests. This allows you to monitor large volumes of complex transactional data against your core systems.
  • Complex algorithms. The rise of high-speed trading and automated trading platforms created the need for testing solutions that can handle large volumes of real-time data. RNDpoint will provide you with custom financial software that can handle a high data load with its powerful data-driven testing, mathematical libraries, and easy scalability.
  • Speed and agility. Financial software needs to be released quickly and work fast as financial trading markets are  a competitive race. RNDpoint’s financial services systems have been designed for agile processes from the first day after implementation while staying seamless, flexible, and making the management process fluid and dynamic.
  • Data interoperability. A key feature of financial tools that you need to consider is data portability and interoperability.RNDpoint’s team are skillful and experienced enough to implement new custom financial software even with historical code that was written over ten years ago. Our individually designed financial solutions will be integrated with your other systems (core banking, billing, document management, etc.).
  • Domain expertise. Business domain expertise is important for any IT expert in any domain, but particularly in financial services, where the business and technology are becoming closely interconnected. RNDpoint’s team consist of top-notch specialists who understand your business to its very core and can help you at any stage.

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