Embedded Software Development

Affordable costs without compromising on the quality of the end product

Deliver embedded software development projects

We deliver solutions without operating system, solutions with operating systems, integration of the operating system into the device, low-level software development and testing, drivers, FPGA (CPLD) design, digital signal processing algorithms development, data processing algorithms, testing software and methodic design.

Based on the technical specification or requirements of the project, our engineers can

  • design low level software;
  • perform functional testing;
  • test production software;
  • high level software;
  • design user interfaces and menus;
  • develop mobile applications;
  • develop system or server software.

We provide the following services during the software project development phase, including software for FPGA / CPLD:

  • data processing algorithms modeling in accordance with the features of the architecture of the calculator;
  • implementation of algorithms in the form of program code based on the model;
  • implementation of test procedures for software testing;
  • implementation of test software for the initial launch and testing of prototypes;
  • implementation of functional software for prototypes, including software for FPGA / CPLD.

As a result of development phase of the software design our engineers deliver:

  • software modules, algorithms;
  • low and high level software;
  • perform functional testing of devices in manufacturing;
  • deliver mobile applications and software documentation.

Technological stack

Programming languages:

C/C++, ASM, Python.

SDK, IDE tools:

Xilinx SDK, AVRStudio,Vivado SDK, Altera Quartus, IAR(MSP430, AVR, STM8, ARM), Eclipse, Keil, CoIDE, MPLAB, MPLAB X, TI CCS, Embarcadero RAD-Studio XE, QT Creator, Zend Studio, Mikroelektronika, Сodeblocks, QNX Momentics, CodeVision AVR, MikroC, CrossCore Embedded Studio, VisualDSP++, Kdevelop, VIM, MS Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA.

Platforms, hardware:

x86, ARM7/9/11, QorIQ P2020, PIC, AVR32, Renesas, Xilinx Microblaze, Xilinx PPC, Xilinx Cortex-A9(ZynQ), Altera NIOS II, dspic33fj, STM8, STM32 Cortex-M3, TI Cortex-M4, MSP430, LPC22/32(NXP), RENESAS, TI DSP (C6000), Blackfin Processors (AD), SHARC Processors (AD), DSP (NM6403), Raspberry Pi, SPARC, LEON3, MCS-51.

Interfaces and cores:

CAN, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, AdvacedTCA, MicroTCA, IPMI, Serial RapidIO, PCI Express (DMA for PCI Express Subsystem), SAE J1939, IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG/TAP), TCP/IP, DDR, FLASH, GPIO, UART, Ethernet, SD, RTC, SYNT, Gigabit Switches, EIA-232/245, Wi-Fi, WebCam, RS-485, EIA 232/485, SpaceWire. PHY, DMA, EMAC, HWICAP, INTC, LWIP, TCP/IP, 1-Wire, STP, VLAN, MSTP, JESD204, D+I200MA custom user IP cores & protocols.


XilKernel, FreeRTOS, uOS, OSA, CoOS, Linux, RL-RTX, FreeRTOS, uCOS-II, QNX, RTX Kernel, VDK, µC/OS, Windows, OS-9000, OS/2, eCos RTOS, RTEMS, uClinux, GNU/Linux, bare-metal, qemu, SWIG, Contiki OS.


VisualStudio, Code: blocks, Proteus, MathCad, MISRA C, Micro-Cap, SQL, MS SQL Server, DB/2, Unity, Linux Kernel, U-Boot, Qemu, Networking, BIOS, device drivers, databases, embedded systems, neural networks, RedBoot, Gaisler, BCC, Open Cores CAN, Tcl/Tk Scripting, Unix Shell scripting.

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