Software Development

Affordable costs without compromising on the quality of the end product

Custom software design and development

RND Point’s team can deliver your project according to any cooperation model (time and material, fix price, dedicated team or a mix).

If you prefer to work on a Fix Price (FP) model we will deliver your project according to SoW (scope of work) and SRS (service requirements specification). If do not have mentioned above technical documents, our business analysts and project managers will assist you to get a well detailed document. Such document will be the basis to assessment and design the future product/project.

We clearly understand that no document can cover all the details of the project. Therefore our architect, project manager and business analyst work closely with client’s onsite team to make sure all the details are met. Moreover, if you choose to implement your project with another vendor, you will already have SoW/SRS.

What services do we offer?

  • Custom software development
  • Development center
  • Hardware design and Embedded development
  • Systems integration
  • UI/UX design
  • QA and Testing

Cooperation models for successful project implementation

We strongly believe that a successful experience with our customers is a result of thorough planning and sound strategy development in regard to project implementation and management techniques. Understanding that every project is unique and being a flexible service supplier, we can customize our basic business models to meet your specific requirements.

Fix price – The cost of a project is fixed. It’s hard to make changes to the scope and project plan. Good fit for clients with well detailed project requirements. The cost is usually higher than Time & Material as it includes a risk buffer.

Dedicated team – You book our engineers for a certain period of time and pay a monthly fee. It is the best choice if you need full control over the software development process as you will get a high level of transparency, flexibility, and security.

Time and material – This model allows you to pay only for time we work and report to you. You are flexible to change the scope and project plan. It is usually cheaper than Fix Price.

How do we protect customer IP and personal data?

We understand the importance of your information and intellectual property protection. Information is wealth: an idea rules the world. We take every measure and precaution to ensure safety and security of your IP. Our security policies are enforced to eliminate possible risks that could lead to information leakage:

  • Customer segregation. We organize separate development space for each project, including segregated usage of hardware and software tools.
  • Malware protection. We use only reliable antivirus software tools. Regular updates of antivirus databases on the workstations and servers are performed.
  • Protection against infrastructure penetration. We employ the most current hardware and software firewalls to build a safe working environment and eliminate the possibility of penetration.
  • Contractual obligations. We have very strict clauses in our agreement obliging us as a company (and every RND Point’ employee) to duly protect your IP and transfer to you the IP rights for a produced software product in a timely manner.

What project management approaches do we use for smooth project delivery?

In RND Point’s project management processes we follow the fundamentals of PMBOK, which is accepted as a best practice within the project management discipline:

  1. Integration management helps us to properly coordinate various elements of a project. It involves activities in project plan development, execution, and overall project control;
  2. Cost, time and quality management processes are required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget, time and of due quality;
  3. Scope management defines the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions;
  4. Communication management enables us to keep the customer informed about project status at any time;
  5. Risk management allows timely identification and management of risks to increase their positive and decrease their negative influences;
  6. Procurement management activities help to properly manage third-party tools and software needed for project completion;
  7. Human resources management aims to ensure a high level of team commitment and motivation.

How do we assess the risks and mitigate them?

The main goal of the Risk Management process is to identify and manage risks in a timely manner to increase their positive and decrease their negative influences.

We understand that every project requires attention in terms of risk management. But projects with frequently changing requirements are even more challenging in this regard – risk evaluation and risk mitigation processes should be performed more frequently.

Preventive problem evaluation and elimination strategy development are the key activities in the risk management process. These actions help decrease time and efforts needed to eliminate negative effects, if a risk has still originated.

The risk management process consists of the following stages:

  • Detection and identification;
  • Analysis and prioritizing;
  • Planning;
  • Monitoring and supervising;
  • Adjustment and correction;
  • Evaluation and lessons learned.

What technological stack do we work with?

Programming languages

C/C++, Java, Bash-script, SQL, R, VBA, Pascal, Fortran, SQL, Doxygen, ASM Intel, Delphi, CSS3, HTML5, Python, C#, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, Asm 51, VBScript, AutoIt Script, PHP, ActionScript 3.0, Visual Basic, F#, SCPI, XAML, PowerShell, Lazarus, Lisp, Lua, LinQ.

SDK, IDE tools

Qt Creator, NetBeans, Eclipse, Borland, Android Studio, C++ Builder, Visual Studio, VS Code, Arduino IDE, Borland C++ Builder, Java SDK, Xamarin, Code: blocks, PyCharm, ZeroBrain, Unity, Geany, Corona SDK, MonoDevelop.


Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows, Android, Ubuntu, ASPLinux, Cygwin, Windows Server (Active Directory, Domain, Remote Desktop), RouterOS (MikroTik).


Doxygen, OpenGL, QT, JSON, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Diclonius, Firebird, Joomla, PyCharm, MySql, wxWidgets, XML, .Net, MVC, Scrum, Angular 2, ASP.NET, EntityFramework, InterBase, Testing, GDB, MultiThreading, MSSQL, SQLite, makefile, Distributed application, JQuery, WMI, MSI, DEB, Network, Codeigniter3, Oracle, pgAdmin, VMware, VirtualBox, BCL, WinForms, WPF, MVC, WebAPI, Mono, Qt 4/5, Boost, ODB, WinAPI, VirtualBox, IPC, IronPython, PyQt, RabbitMQ, WCF, NAT, Proxy, OpenVPN, Hyper-V, ProxmoxVE, Blender, Zbrush, Graphic Engines (Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, Unyty 3D, Leadwerks Engine), Firebird, Django, SharpDX.

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