Business Rule Management System by RNDpoint

A business rules management system (BRMS) is a powerful tool for modern enterprises. It allows organizations to incorporate complicated and sophisticated decision logic into line-of-business applications for quick business rule updates as market conditions change. This increases agility and creates a competitive advantage. 

At RNDpoint, we customize and implement both open source and licensed business rule management systems. As with any RNDpoint tool, we provide training services and upfront business process planning as a part of our comprehensive solution.

BRMS: one solution for multiple industries

BRMS empowers companies to define and maintain the rules for guiding a system’s decision workflow and determining what actions are enabled in any given circumstance. Using logic outside the programming code, business rule management systems demonstrate a vivid example of how a company can deliver a boost to business agility, productivity, and logic accuracy. And in doing so, they ensure reliable cost savings and faster rules changes, when necessary.

Business rules management system, which RNDpoint’s team design and implement, may be deployed within numerous industry verticals. We offer BRMS for corporate and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to suit a number of business decision purposes, for example:

  • Health care. For clinical decision support, drug interaction alerts.
  • Retail. For tax calculations, discount management, warehouse stock management.
  • Manufacturing. For customer-specific billing, order configuration validation.
  • Travel. For ticket pricing, loyalty programs
  • Public sector. For benefits calculation, security screening, tax fraud assessment.

Aside from the benefit of the multi-industry nature of BRMS, RNDpoint’s team always stresses the importance of business rule management systems for SAP ERP.

Case study: Implementation of a Java-based Credit Conveyor in a Retail Bank