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Buy Now Pay Later App Development

RNDpoint provides businesses with intelligent BNPL applications. We help our clients increase user retention by improving their buying experience.

BNPL solutions by RNDpoint

We provide BNPL solutions for both large banks and telecoms, as well as small retail and eCommerce businesses.
BNPL software consultation
Our onboarding team consults on all technical and business issues of BNPL app development.
BNPL frontend development
We provide BNPL app prototyping, create user-friendly UI/UX design, and build mobile and/or web apps.
BNPL backend & back-office development
With our proprietary ProcessMIX software, BNPL businesses get a fast no-code backend development engine with pre-built back-office, loan origination & management features.
Integration layer
With ProcessMIX we provide integration-ready APIs and ensure 2x faster BNPL integrations with KYC, payment gateways, credit bureaus, eCommerce APIs, and more.

BNPL Application Development Services

As part of BNPL application creation, RNDpoint experts provide the following development services.
Customer onboarding
  • Configurable self-registration forms
  • KYC/AML verification
  • Setting up customer requirements
  • Automated customer pre-qualification
  • Custom formulas for credit rating assessment
  • Rule-based customer segmentation
Product Catalog
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Support for multiple installment plans
  • Assigning custom terms for interest-free EMIs
  • Multi-currency loans
Loan Management
  • Scheduled and ad hoc loan repayment
  • Automated calculation of EMI and a due interest
  • Support for multiple loan repayment methods
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Automated payment collection by direct debit
  • Notifications of a payment failure
  • Custom rules for payment rescheduling
  • Personalized reminders
  • Automatically applying fees for loan repayment
  • Automated refunds
Loan Origination
  • Automated submission of a loan request
  • Real-time scoring
  • Automated decision-making + manual (optional)
  • Instant communication of the decision
  • Automated upfront payment
Loan and Customer Monitoring
  • Real-time tracking of BNPL activities
  • A complete history of BNPL transactions
  • Automated recalculation of a customer’s credit score
  • Configurable dashboards for multiple user roles
Analytics and reporting
  • Scheduled and ad hoc generation of loan reports
  • Automated report submission to the required credit bureaus
  • Analyzing essential BNPL-related metrics
  • Regulatory reporting
Merchant management
  • Merchant’s detailed profile
  • Fees and commissions management
  • Document management
  • Support module
  • Commodity groups management
  • Multifactor authentication, including biometric
  • Role-based access control
  • Payment data encryption
  • AI-based fraud detection
  • GDPR (for the EU)
  • Other global standards

Success story

We’ve been in the market of banking mobile app development for almost a decade and have a lot of successful cases to share with you.
Buy Now Pay Later Payment
Development of the BNPL solution for a bank, resulting in a product with 30,000+ business partners and 6 million retail users.
Stripe Payment System Integration
3x acceleration of the integration process and 2x lower development costs with the help of our proprietary software ProcessMIX.

Industries we serve

BNPL Integrations we provide

Payment systems

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Payment gateways

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • Checkout.com

Mobile payment platforms

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Garmin Pay
  • PayTM

KYC/AML services

  • Onfido
  • Veriff
  • Ondato
  • Shufti Pro

Credit rating platforms

  • FICO
  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Local credit bureaus

Accounting software

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero


Here’s what our clients say about the quality of digital wallet solutions and the overall experience of working with RNDpoint experts.


Why RNDpoint

Extensive BNPL experience 

RNDpoint has been operating in the BNPL field since 2014. Our experts have developed more than 120 successful projects for different types of organizations.

Fast and simple integrations 

With our proprietary platform ProcessMIX, we speed up the integration process 3x as compared to previous implementations that our clients have experienced.

Lower cost vs native development

We can reduce the cost of app development by almost half by having the out-of-the-box ProcessMix solution under our belt.


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