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Industry-Specific AI Solutions by RNDpoint 

Our industry focus is retail, FMCG, eCommerce, and banking. We help our clients with Revenue Growth Management, Demand Forecasting, and Consumer analytics. 

AI Solution by RNDpoint is enabled by an analytical platform that allows our clients to reduce time-to-market by 50%, seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, and automates deployments and monitoring.


How RNDpoint is Leading the Way

Our expertise lies in applying AI solutions to growth and commercial issues.

Revenue growth management

Demand Forecasting

Customer Analytics

Success stories in Revenue Growth Management

Pricing optimization at grocery retail

We developed a solution to identify KVIs and opmise pricing

  • Increased like-to-like revenue by 0.6%
  • Increased gross margin by 1.2%
Promo optimization at a CPG player

We helped to optimize promo deals based on understanding of true promo ROI

  • Identified 40% deals with negative promo ROI worth
  • Captured incremental value at ~1.8% of gross margin
Assortment optimization at a e-com retailer

We developed solution to optimize assortment, cutting long tail of non-performing products

  • Cut 10%  of SKUS
  • Decreased inventory by 15%
  • Increased gross margin by 10%


Success stories in Demand forecasting 

Demand forecasting at a DIY retailer

We developed a forecasting solution predicting weekly sales per SKU- store

  • Decreased inventory by 10%
  • Increased on shelf availability by 3 pp
Demand forecasting and inventory management for and E-com player

We developed demand forecasting and inventory planning tool

  • Decreased inventory by 10%
  • Reduced stock-outs (sku-day) by  30%
Demand forecasting model at a CPG player

Developed forecasting tool, incorporating customer promo plans

  • CutIncreased CFR by 10%
  • Reduced OOS by 5%

Success stories in Customer analytics

Next product to buy recommendation engine at an E-com retailer

Created a personalised recommendation and advertisement algorithm, integrated with existing advertising engine providing suggestions for existing baskets and recurring customers

  • Decreased inventory by 10%
  • Increased on shelf availability by 3 pp
Churn reduction at a retail bank

Helped to reduce churn rate by identifying high risk customers and targeting them with customized offers

  • Decreased inventory by 10%
  • Reduced stock-outs (sku-day) by  30%

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Get a consultation with a qualified expert. 10+ years of experience in Data Science, building retail and eCommerce solutions, such as Barclays, Lego, and Softserve.
Volodymyr Sofinskyi
Chief Data Scientist

AI Project Stages

Our typical AI project is split into 3 stages.
5-6 weeks
Proof of Concept:
  • Identify and narrow down a business problem through a series of interviews.
  • Assess data and process readiness. 
  • Develop a small-scale proof of concept (POC) – e.g., 2–3 SKUs.
  • Estimate profit from the application of an AI solution.
10 - 16 weeks
  • Run a pilot project to prove the business value.
  • Develop a roll-out roadmap.
20+ weeks
  • Create a sustainable solution, customizing it based on the users’ feedback. 
  • Provide recommendations on the solution integration into existing routines.

Meet our Core Team

Our team combines data science, consulting, and deep industry expertise.

Consultancy team

Andrew Klesov
CEO at RNDpoint & 4IRE Group

10+ years in FinTech and Software Development at Mastercard and Bain & Company.

Gregory Ovsiannykov
Managing Director

10+ years of experience in McKinsey and P&G, leading more than 20 data science projects. 

Data science team

Volodymyr Sofinskyi
Chief Data Scientist

10+ years of experience in Data Science, building retail and eCommerce solutions, such as Barclays, Lego, and Softserve.

Tetyana Gladkykh
Principal Data Scientist

20+ years of background in academic and applied ML. Experience in Oracle and SoftServe.

Anton Vaisburd
Board advisor

10+ years of experience in applied ML, leading a team of 30+ data scientists at SoftServe, EPAM, and Barclays.

Our expertise lies in applying AI solutions to commercial issues.

Our Solutions are seamlessly integrated into the enterprise IT landscape: Time-to-Change is 50% lower

Datrics: No-code analytics and data science platform

Datrics.ai is a proprietary end-to-end no-code tool for machine learning and analytics that enables to: 

  • Reduce time to impact and cost by ~50% with reliable and tested results. 
  • Provide integration into existing technology stack and environment.
  • Transfer model for maintenance and further enhancements to the analytics team without data science expertise.
  • Administer a proven platform allowing flexible transformation, ML, dashboards, and deployments.
  • Automate and deploy AI routines in a few clicks.
Datrics: No-code analytics and data science platform


Powered by ProcessMix: back-end development no-code platform for decision strategies and processes automation: 

  • Reduce integration and modification costs by up to 3x: $2000 monthly spend per developer instead of $6000.
  • Pick a successful solution installed in leading banks.
  • Make ML models actionable with a unique 4-in-1 platform.


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