• Expertise in Banking and Fintech

    We hear your problems and turn them into solutions.

We have accumulated vast expertise in financial domain. Since 2014 we have been delivering financial organizations with digital solutions that transform business. Our department of business and system analysis work close with clients to transform business ideas to feasible technical requirements.

RNDpoint has taken the lead among other fintech software companies due to its numerous customer-designed banking and financial software development cases. We know our customers’ pain-points. And multiple successfully delivered software projects demonstrate our expertise in the banking and financial domain.

RNDpoint is a reliable partner for custom software solutions development. Our advanced experience in multiple industries enables a deep understanding of clients’ needs. Enterprise-level systems, rapid web and mobile applications development, system integration are only a few examples of our field of expertise.

On a daily basis, our top-notch software engineers implement a variety of software product integration cases. Our experience shows that the main integration challenge is to ensure the effective and continuous interaction of new software with the existing solution. With our technical support experts, these issues are resolved fast and timely.

Fintech software development and delivering scalable systems for financial institutions require microservices architecture. Our solution architects will analyze your existing approach and find a solution for shifting your current application to microservices to get a detailed roadmap with technological stack suggestions.

For a decade, RNDpoint has been partnering with FICO – the world’s leading fintech software development company. We implement FICO solutions and integrate products in financial institutions and banks to create solutions for collections and recovery, advanced analytics and decision management, AML, KYC, credit origination, cyber risk, fraud detection, data analysis, scoring, etc.

The new reality of business requires a faster and more effective way to create enterprise applications. Low-code platforms are a path for rapid application development. By using OutSystems for fintech, we empower companies with rapid application development, full-lifecycle solutions, and automated changes. All while creating the ideal conditions to implement these solutions, integrating them quickly ready for use.

At RNDpoint, we design embedded software from scratch to run exclusively on your hardware configuration. Our development team will create custom info-exchange software to collect and analyze validation data for the full embedded systems development cycle from product concept, design, and system development to implementing embedded integrations, testing, and user experience.

RNDpoint’s team offers you no-code RAD services to build complex applications without coding. Users apply blocks to build the app instead of traditional coding methods. This will help you launch applications faster with a shorter time-to-market. Start right away in your browser, on any device and operating system without timelines for software development or coding.

A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is a software system used to capture decision logic as a business rule. RNDpoint’s team will help you reduce or remove reliance on IT departments for live systems changes. With BRMS, rules are externalized, and business logic is outside the programming code. This enables a boost to business agility, productivity, and logic accuracy, making your business more efficient.

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