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Build your digital bank with record time savings to outperform competitors. Get a superior technical solution from a team of vetted banking software engineers and experts.
We offer on-premise digital banking software with a source code license. You possess all ownership rights for the custom-built product serving your business needs.
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Launch a Cutting-Edge Digital Bank with RNDpoint

You can use our software solution with ready-made modules and customize it to suit your business needs and country/region requirements. This enables the provision of a broad range of digital banking services to clients, supporting various payments, from p2p transactions to contactless payments, savings, lending features, investment advice, and the like.

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Our FinTech and Mobile Bank Development Expertise

RNDpoint boasts of 8+ years of domain-specific expertise and top-tier service delivery on Fintech and mobile banking projects.
Digital payments software
Prepaid cards
Money management solutions
Crypto wallets
Payment gateways
Open banking products
Mobile banking apps
Personal finance management tools
Managing Director & CEO

Co-founder and CEO at MobID, Managing Director and CEO at RNDpoint, strategic partner at 4IRE. Acting member of Credit Dnepr bank’s supervisory board, former VP at the Ukrainian division of Mastercard. In-depth FinTech expert with many years of experience at top-rated financial institutions.

Peter Shubenok
Managing Director

Founder at ProcessMix no-code decision management system, Founder at ABLE lending automation platform. Peter developed multiple enterprise-level solutions at FinTechs and led digital transformation at banks, insurance, and healthcare companies. 15+ years of IT&Tech consulting experience.

Digital Wallet Development: how the delivery goes

RNDpoint's development timeline for the eWallet white label solution is significantly shorter compared to the timeline for custom digital wallet development.
Building digital wallet from scratch 10-20 Months
Сustom digital wallets can take from 10 to 20 months to develop.
8-12 Weeks
8-12 Weeks
Development / Integrations
8-12 Weeks
4-8 Weeks
Pilot Testing
4-8 Weeks
Digital wallet solution by RNDpoint 3-4 Months
This not only allows for a faster time-to-market but also reduces development costs.
1-2 Weeks
UI / UX design
1-2 Weeks
Development / Integrations
2-6 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
Pilot Testing
2-3 Weeks
Time Efficiency
Cost Efficiency

What’s Included in Digital Banking Software:

A Fully Customizable Mobile Wallet Solution

Our mobile wallet solution offers a personalized experience with branding tailored to your design, ensuring a hassle-free launch in just weeks. Send money, withdraw funds effortlessly, and keep your balance topped up using various funding sources. Take advantage of multi-currency support for international transactions, manage your user profile, and access detailed transaction histories.

A Fully Customizable Mobile Wallet Solution

User-Friendly Back Office

Experience the benefits of our back office with a user-friendly interface designed for your mobile wallet. The dashboard offers comprehensive insights into your business operations, including key performance indicators, transaction volumes, revenue insights, and user activity. Efficiently manage customers, wallets, and accounts, assign roles and permissions, and customize settings to align with your business requirements.

User-Friendly Back Office

Personalized Business and Tech Consulting

At RNDpoint, we offer comprehensive technical and business consulting services to support your mobile wallet launch and continued growth. Our team of experts is committed to your success, ensuring that you not only launch your digital wallet successfully but also make strategic decisions that drive your success.

Personalized Business and Tech Consulting

Unique customizable backend core

Our modular backend construction software is the result of years of experience in FinTech. It enables us to build highly optimized backend flows of any complexity up to 5 times faster than the market average. Read more about ProcessMIX.

Unique customizable backend core by RND point

Selection of providers for integration

You can choose from a range of integrated providers that best suits your business needs, or request a custom integration with your preferred provider.

Selection of providers for integration by RND point

Integrations we provide

Payment systems
Subscription management platforms
ePayment gateways
P2P payment platforms
KYC/AML services
Broker and stock trading platforms
Credit bureaus, fraud reporting
Business intelligence platforms, CRM
Accounting systems
Technologies we use

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    Diana Zozulia
    Business Development Manager

    Service Advantages We Offer

    Working with RNDpoint experts on your digital bank app is a win-win partnership with a reliable provider of premium-level service.
    Digital wallet integration

    Our digital banks are perfectly compatible with all existing payment systems and gateways, allowing for frictionless digital wallet integration. All supported integrations are GDPR- and PSD2-compliant.

    Flexible configurations of settings

    The digital banking software built by the RNDpoint team is endlessly customizable to your business profile and needs. We offer a large number of configurable settings to create a unique software product consistent with your brand.

    Payment type versatility

    Our banking solutions provide 24/7 accessibility and support, with smooth operations and timely upgrades, allowing your product to be at the top position of the digital banking market.

    End-to-end security

    We build digital banks with cutting-edge cybersecurity considerations in mind by ensuring your users’ safety and data integrity. All software is equipped with advanced AML/KYC tools, biometric authentication, and advanced encryption.

    User-centric UX/UI

    Our team of designers is ready to make your digital bank functional, intuitive, and built from start to finish with the end-user in mind. Enjoy stellar UI/UX solutions from the industry’s pros.

    P2P/Contactless payment functionality

    As a next-gen digital wallet solution provider, RNDpoint can equip your digital bank with P2P, B2B, B2C, and other payment modalities for seamless banking operations for your users. 

    Benefit from our 15 years of expertise in Banking and Fintech

    Diana Zozulia Business Development Manager

    Founder at ProcessMix no-code decision management system, Founder at ABLE lending automation platform. Peter developed multiple enterprise-level solutions at FinTechs and led digital transformation at banks, insurance, and healthcare companies. 15+ years of IT&Tech consulting experience.

    Success stories

    Developing a Neobank From Scratch
    100,000+ users attracted and 70,000+ cards issued within the first year of operation. The Top-3 downloaded apps in several European countries.
    Loop: eWallet and Payment Platform for a Saudi Arabian Client
    Finalizing and launching the digital payment platform Loop. The audit of the already written code, improvement of the quality and security
    P2P Money Transfer App
    Innovative P2P Money Transfer App development from scratch. Full-scale payment app creation within 6 months, delivering a functional platform with a rich feature set.

    Business Value of Our Digital Banking Solutions

    Partnering with RNDpoint on a digital wallet development solution comes with a large number of unique business advantages you’re sure to appreciate.

    01 Higher User Outreach
    Higher User Outreach

    An online digital bank is a universal payment solution that transcends geographical boundaries and allows universal user coverage at the international level.

    02 Better Customer Retention
    Better Customer Retention

    Service efficiency, intuitive UI, and a wide range of payment options and integrations are sure to contribute to user adoption and regular use.

    03 Appealing ROI
    Appealing ROI

    By diversifying the range of supported functions and payment options, you can generate additional revenue streams via new channels.

    04 Optimal Cost/Benefit
    Optimal Cost/Benefit

    Digital wallet mobile app development allows for reducing transaction costs and operational expenditures, simultaneously optimizing user acquisition.

    05 Universal Coverage
    Universal Coverage

    Support of USSD, STK, and IVR, among others, can help you reach out to larger user populations and deliver universal payment service coverage.

    We have delivered over 120 projects in FinTech and banking industries. Some of them are under NDA, though some we are glad to share with you.


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