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We redefine risk management through a comprehensive blend of expert consulting and cutting-edge risk management software. Our solution is meticulously designed to address the diverse needs of financial institutions, offering a powerful suite of tools tailored for credit scoring, risk monitoring, and anti-fraud measures.
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Problems we solve

Any financial project requires proper risk management software for ensuring AML/CFT compliance, detecting threats, and blocking suspicious operations. The timing of preventive measures is of vital significance, as it allows for mitigating financial risks, detecting attempts of fraud and theft, and performing effective, automated risk assessments for ultimate business and client protection. 

By using our risk management tool, you can enjoy: 

  • Speeding up risk assessments by up to 60%
  • Using a database of 100+ risk detection indicators 
  • Scanning your customer and transaction data without limitations
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Key Features of Our Credit Risk Management Solution

Full Database of Positive/Negative Risk Indicators

  • 100+ risk-associated alerts aggregated into business-friendly indicators for automated credit risk assessments. 
  • Functionality for geolocation tracking of user transactions with data collected from users’ mobile devices. 
  • Sensitive and smart risk assessment based on the clients’ personal and financial data from internal, external, and mass media sources, coupled with related party data. 
  • A multitude of early warning alerts on bankruptcy, covenant breach, and other risky financial data about the applicants.

Automatic and Manual Risk Decisioning Tools

  • Multi-tier access roles and permissions for customer data analysis. 
  • A 360-degree view of customer activities and data for manual ‘gray-zone’ decision-making.
  • Possibility of event processing in real-time. 
  • Individual and batch event processing. 
  • Ability to perform supervision over credit risk assessment operations. 
  • Personal and group tasks.

All-in-One Documentation Dashboard

  • Customized document categorization and recognition settings. 
  • Scheduled documentation checks. 
  • Frictionless integration with the existing document management solutions. 

AI-Powered Decision Support System

  • Smart AI algorithms for predictive modeling and pattern recognition. 
  • Intuitive rule settings for business users.
  • Ability to detect non-standard user behavior and anomalies. 
  • Rigorous testing functionality with wide scenario coverage. 

Data Visualization and Reporting

  • Customizable operational and analytical dashboards with real-time data updates. 
  • ML algorithm application for report processing. 
  • Analytical reports compiled with web-based OLAP. 


Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Toolkit

Develop individualized cross-sell and up-sell offers to low-risk customers and reach them out via preferred channels to increase your cash flows without bad debt risks.

Effective Collections

Configure pre-collection and collection rules for high-risk customers and loosen the collections treatment for low-risk users, thus increasing collections efficiency and maintaining a high level of user trust and satisfaction.

Individualized Pricing Adjustments

Base your service pricing on the customers’ financial behavior to increase business revenue via stimulating positively behaving, low-risk users and restricting loan expansion with punitive pricing measures for high-risk individuals. 

Flexible Credit Lines

Use the power of AI to determine reasonable timing and size of credit line extension to low-risk customers to reap higher benefits from increasing the purchasing power of users who proved reliable in loan management.

Authorization of POS Transactions

Make AI-informed decisions for shadow limit management on your users’ POS transactions by making sense of multiple data sources on the users’ creditworthiness.

Endless Customization

The RNDpoint credit risk assessment tool is infinitely customizable. All functions can be configured based on your database of events, adjusting based on event-based loan monitoring activities.

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