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Top-15 White-Label Mobile Wallet Solutions 2024

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Top-15 White-Label Mobile Wallet Solutions 2024 Blog

Having a mobile wallet (or even several) is the new standard for dynamic, tech-savvy users, which is a trend businesses can’t ignore. Thus, it’s not surprising that the 2022 digital wallet market size exceeded $318 billion, and the CAGR for the next decade is 18%+. This will give us a booming market of $567+ billion by 2030

Yet, launching your own mobile wallet is not as simple as it might seem; it requires the collaborative effort of a development team and represents many challenges for the business owner. The first dilemma anyone can stumble upon is choosing custom development over a tried and tested white label solution, each with its own pros and cons.

To help businesses considering mobile wallet software, I have conducted extensive market research and hand-picked the top 15 white-label wallet solutions to keep in mind in 2024 and beyond. Look through this list with key features and use cases to select the best provider for your next ewallet app or other integrations.

What Is a Digital Wallet? 

In a nutshell, a digital wallet is an app you can install on your computer or smartphone to conduct a wide variety of financial transactions, store your funds, and track all your financial activity in one convenient place. Wallets usually link to users’ bank accounts and provide all information about their finances, transactions, and expenditures in a visually clear and handy format. 

Building a fully customized wallet is an expensive business project, so many businesses resort to white-label wallet solutions to save time and costs. White-label apps also allow a certain degree of customization, but they come with a pre-built set of modules and configurations, which speeds up the development process and saves you money. They also allow secure payments and support the full range of services and features a custom app does, representing an affordable and relatively flexible solution for all business types.

How to Select a Trustworthy White-Label Digital Wallet Provider? 

As soon as you realize you need a white-label wallet app, it’s time to find a technical partner able to deliver a top-quality solution. It’s important to work only with the best development experts because digital wallets need to comply with a complex web of legislative regulations and security standards; otherwise, the users’ funds and data will be vulnerable to theft or exploit. That’s why you should evaluate the following parameters when selecting a developer for your project, such as: 

  • Customization. Wallet customization is a vital parameter, as not all white-label wallets allow the freedom of configurations. Check whether the white-label solution allows design and feature customization to give your project a unique look and feel consistent with your brand identity. 
  • The company’s track record. Check the provider’s portfolio of previous projects and ask their former clients for references; it’s vital to understand whether clients are happy with the delivered solutions. It also makes sense to check the company’s reviews online – not on the official website but on external platforms with unbiased comments from real people. 
  • Technical support. Your partnership with the wallet’s developer will hardly end with the app’s deployment. Such software requires ongoing maintenance, administration, and upgrades, so it’s important to find out about the terms, costs, and scope of technical support your developer is ready to provide. 
  • Available integrations. Wallets don’t function in a vacuum; they need to be linked to many third-party services to cover various features and offer value to users. Thus, wallet integration options also matter when selecting a provider of wallet development services. 
  • Cross-platform compatibility. Users should be able to access the wallet and take advantage of all its useful features on a variety of devices and operating systems. So, make sure the provider can ensure compatibility with Android, MacOS, and web systems without friction. 
  • Pricing. The cost of digital wallet development is often the guiding factor for businesses, but it’s not reasonable to go for the cheapest solution if you’re a startup or for the most expensive one if you strive to make something unique. The sky is the limit to pricing, and many companies charge extra for marketing or brand reputation, offering nothing exceptional in return. So, we recommend working with companies that offer flexible pricing and charge only for core features, adjusting the estimates to your add-ons as you go. 
  • Licensing and access. You should be perfectly clear about whether you want access to your app’s source code and codebase or if you’re fine with using it on a subscription basis. Ownership of codebase is vital for some companies, while others are fine with license rent as a cheaper option.  
  • Security. Cybersecurity measures and encryption are very important when it comes to digital products. That’s why you should study the security measures integrated into the white-label solution, such as user authentication, SQL injection protection, forgery prevention, and third-party integration safety. 

Top 15 Ewallet White-Label Providers to Consider in 2024 

Using the criteria discussed above, I have arrived at the following list of the top 15 digital wallet providers worth your attention.

#1 RNDpoint

RNDpoint eWallet white-label

RNDpoint is specializing in enterprise-level solutions for FinTechs, banks, and ecommerce businesses. The company has 250+ skilled programmers on board to cover digital wallets, loan management software, AI solutions, and back-end low-code development for companies of all sizes and needs. RNDpoint experts are trusted by global financial leaders, such as FICO, Jumio, and TeraData, and have 120+ completed projects in their track record. They know how to start a Neobank, build a feature-rich digital wallet, or build secure API integrations with third-party providers for a stellar user experience.

Custom digital wallets can take 10-20 months, while RNDpoint’s solution reduces it to 3-4 months. It is powered by a low-code backend software offering exceptional features and advantages, including a fully customizable mobile UI, a wide range of integrations, and a unique customizable backend core. Regional banks, challenger banks, banking and FinTech startups can use this software to accelerate time-to-market, reduce development costs, and deliver a superior customer experience.

What’s included in RNDpoint’s digital wallet software:

– A fully customizable mobile wallet solution

– User-friendly back office

– Personalized business and tech consulting

– Unique customizable backend core

– Selection of providers for integration

Book a demo to get on-premise digital wallet software with a source code license, ensuring ownership rights for the custom-built product tailored to your business needs.

#2 4IRE

4IRE Cryptobank solution

4IRE is a Swedish-Ukrainian collaborative agency uniting 250+ professionals in the sphere of blockchain, FinTech, and banking development. The company provides development from scratch, outsourcing, and staff augmentation services to international clients. It is an official NEAR integrator partner and has a set of well-established partnerships with renowned financial institutions, such as Stockholm Green Digital Finance and Innobridge. 4IRE offers a pre-built crypto bank solution that can be used to launch a digital wallet, NEObank, or mobile wallet.

#3 ProcessMIX


ProcessMIX is a low-code development platform that offers native-level development functionality with minimal coding effort. This way, clients can implement any digital wallet customizations in the back-end and speed up their development x3, saving up to 50% of the wallet creation costs. The provider’s services cover decision tables, scorecards, PMML, visual and data models, coupled with full version control and plenty of integrations.

#4 Velmie

Velmie Digital Wallet

Velmie represents a modular cloud-native digital banking platform for flexible and customizable digital wallet creation. The company is US-based and has offices in the UK, the UAE, and Lithuania. It features a large set of the market’s top-performing partners for linking via API integrations. Its mission is to help businesses build affordable banking software solutions and enjoy secure and compliant financial technology with a variety of use cases. 

#5 Cellum


Cellum is a Europe-based mobile wallet provider with a variety of solutions for financial and e-commerce businesses. Its headquarters are located in Hungary, and the company has several regional offices in Austria, Bulgaria, Singapore, and the USA. The Mobile Next white-label solution is compatible with all funding sources and mobile platforms, offering the ultimate flexibility and security of mobile payments. The company’s proprietary Mobile Wallet software is a standalone app customizable to a client’s unique brand image. The Plug&Pay solution suits businesses that already have mobile apps and want extensions with digital wallet functionality. 

#6 Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory was founded in 2016 and has 70+ in-house developers on board. It has offices in 12 countries and boasts a portfolio of 45+ operating wallet products with over 5 million active users across the globe. The company’s solutions match the needs of retail banking, telecom, FinTech, and Neobanking businesses and feature a unique mobile payment engine with the full spectrum of vital functions for modern mobile wallets. The provider also offers eWallet ledger and QR merchant POS solutions that speed up and simplify a variety of financial operations for clients.

#7 Obopay


Obopay is a US-based mobile money service provider with a functional and customizable white-label product for mobile payments. The virtual wallet allows virtual cards and cash withdrawals via cardless ATMs. It also supports the airtime TopUp feature, conducts biller/merchant payments, sets up group savings accounts, and issues open- and closed-loop card payments. P2P, international remittance, family money management, and savings are all included in the affordable, secure white-label solution by Obopay.

#8 Mangopay


Mangopay is a Luxembourg-based provider of modular payment solutions to over 2,500 businesses worldwide. The company was founded in 2013 and currently operates with numerous offices across the EU, Middle East, and Africa. Its software is suitable for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, and sharing economy projects. The company’s white-label payment product supports multi-currency payments and automatic payouts, secure fund storage, and escrow fund holding. 

#9 Innowise


Innowise is a US-based company specializing in crypto wallet setup. It has 1,000+ developers in the team, handling software of all kinds for an international client base of IT and non-IT businesses. The company provides cryptocurrency wallet development, support, and consulting services for centralized and DeFi uses. Its solutions range from coin-specific to multi-currency wallets and work as offline and software products.  

#10 FortuneSoft IT Innovations

FortuneSoft IT Innovations

FortuneSoft is a California-based IT company focusing on tech innovation and delivering white-label digital solutions for crypto businesses. It has been in the software development market for over 14 years and has a large spectrum of white-label solutions for mobile, web, cloud, analytics, blockchain, and AI uses. Its software is customizable, scalable, and transparent, implementing the best cybersecurity standards and API integrations. 

#11 HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants

HashCash specializes in white-label crypto exchange software development and offers a huge variety of feature customization options for businesses. The company is US-based and employs over 100 blockchain engineers and developers with an advanced tech stack. Its software possesses bank-level cybersecurity protection; users can develop cold and hot wallets based on HasCash white-label solutions. Location-specific KYC/ANL, SegWit, BIP-32, and Firebase features are also available. The wallet is compatible with iOS, Android, and web versions, offering multi-currency support with the option of adding and removing cryptocurrencies. 

#12 Idealogic


Idealogic is a Ukrainian-Estonian collaborative with headquarters in Kyiv and Tallinn, with 50+ talented blockchain developers on board. The company has many regional offices and serves an international client base across the EU, Middle East, and Africa. Its white-label software product allows hassle-free blockchain coding of e-wallets, crypto exchanges, and DeFi platforms. This way, clients use the white-label features for crypto bank setup, smart contract customization, VC platform creation, stablecoin development, and logistics and supply chain solutions.  

#13 Zab Technologies

Zab Technologies

ZABtechnologies is an India-based crypto wallet provider with a safe and functional white-label solution. It was founded in 2018 and has built an impressive reputation in the FinTech and blockchain sphere within five years. The company handles end-to-end crypto wallet development for clients using its white-label software, assuming responsibility for customization and launch. Businesses can get custodial and non-custodial wallet solutions, each coming with multi-currency support, NFT support, and desktop, web, and mobile software options. 

#14 Blockchain App Factory 

Blockchain App Factory

Another India-based developer, Blockchain App Factory, has a large team of 250+ blockchain developers and engineers of high qualifications and a diverse tech stack. All wallets integrate multi-factor authentication and comprehensive encryption measures, seamless and user-friendly UI, and multi-currency support. 

#15 LeewayHertz


LeewayHertz is a US-based software development provider with 100+ skilled programmers on board. The company was founded in 2007 and has a flawless track record of 15+ years in the sphere of AI, Web3, and IT development solutions. Its white-label crypto wallet product called Mosaic is multi-currency and multi-chain, offering impressive flexibility and a large set of advanced features, coupled with cutting-edge security measures and attractive UI/UX.

White-Label Digital Wallet Development with RNDpoint 

If you’re interested in digital wallet and white label neobank solutions, RNDpoint can become your trusted partner in this project. Our team possesses extensive domain-specific expertise and knowledge, as we’ve been creating state-of-the-art solutions for international clients since 2014. We also have a proprietary low-code product, ProcessMIX, which speeds up the development time x3 and brings down the costs x2. Contact RNDpoint managers today to get more information about the benefits of our white-label software and your strategic business gains from our partnership.


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