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Gartner and RNDpoint Launch Strategic Partnership

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Peter Shubenok
Managing Director

January, 2022 (London)—RNDpoint, the London-based software vendor and IT service provider, joins the partnership program with Gartner to expand the global IT market by offering its software products to banks, credit unions and SME lenders worldwide.

RNDpoint’s critical priority is the quality of its products – ABLE Platform and ProcessMix among the others – and services provided to the customers. Due to the cooperation with Gartner, RNDpoint’s team can get in touch with a global community of over 7,500 world-class experts of CxO level to get strategic consultations and assistance for continuous product improvement and enhancement while staying ahead of all modern and emerging IT trends.

Founder and CEO of RNDpoint Peter Shubenok says:

“We are proud of joining the team of Gartner’s partners. The partnership program has a strategic value for RNDpoint to find the ways of further development and improvement of our products.”

“By using Gartner’s knowledge and experience in the domain coupled with assistance from a team of experts, we expect to enhance our lending products to ensure that our clients can reach a new level of improvement of their customer experience and retention,” adds Peter Shubenok. “For RNDpoint, collaboration with Gartner’s team is a significant step forward on the way of development of new generation digital lending solutions for global digital transformation.”

About Gartner

Gartner is a technology research company with more than 40 years of consulting experience in the IT market, over 16,000 associates, and more than 100 offices all across the world. Its consulting services are used by over 12,000 organizations worldwide.


Peter Shubenok
Peter Shubenok
Managing Director
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