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Top 45 FinTech Events to Attend in 2024

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Helen Petrashchuk
Managing Director
top 45 fintech events

FinTech has rapidly taken the world by storm as an innovative solution combining traditional finance and cutting-edge tech advancements. As a result, the FinTech industry has been growing fast within the past couple of years, yielding a market of $257+ billion in 2022, which is expected to turn into $882+ billion by 2030

Such quick growth tempos and the rising adoption of FinTech solutions in all business spheres inevitably attract the attention of forward-looking businesses and cause them to refocus their development efforts to embrace the FinTech revolution. This may be best done by attending the world’s top gatherings – conferences, summits, and workshops – where the brightest minds of the FinTech industry determine its cloudless future. 

If your business is FinTech-related, you are a FinTech analyst or developer, or you’re planning to launch a FinTech startup, your value from any of these events’ attendance will be immeasurable. Here is a comprehensive list of all notable FinTech events attracting the attention of the industry’s top players in 2024. 

Why Attend FinTech Events in 2024? 

Conferences and meetings in the tech industry are designed to ensure that business participants embrace the latest trends and meet key partners for moving their startups and the sector overall ahead. That’s why attendance at such events comes with several key advantages for all participants of the FinTech industry – developers, investors, startup owners, and representatives of regulatory agencies. 

  • Understanding of the latest trends. Audacious events in the FinTech sphere always attract cutting-edge startups and businesses that move the industry forward and define its future. Thus, visiting such gatherings gives you first-hand experience and knowledge of the rising trends that will be shaping the FinTech market for the coming years.  
  • Networking and connections with FinTech visionaries. Well-known, reputable conferences are attended by business owners, analysts, and pioneers who can give newbies access to the industry. They possess a unique position in the sector, and acquaintances with them can give founders, investors, and experts a vital head start in the field. 
  • Learning from the best minds. Speakers delivering keynote speeches and presentations at FinTech conferences are usually at the forefront of the industry’s main developments. They share exclusive insights and developments in the making, accelerating every FinTech expert’s understanding of the niche. 
  • Professional growth. Most gatherings in the FinTech sphere are accompanied by smart labs, workshops, and other practical classes that help industry experts grow, hone their skills, acquire new skills with emerging technologies and software, and showcase their expertise.  
  • Access to unique career and business opportunities. Attending a FinTech conference or summit is always packed with strategic opportunities that investors, businesses, and developers can utilize. Whether finding an investor or getting hired by a new FinTech company, everyone can find something new at such specialized events hosting only target audiences of interest.  

How to Choose the Best FinTech Event? 

Getting to all of these events is impossible, as many of them take place at the same time in different parts of the world. Thus, you should have a rigorous set of selection criteria in place to prioritize some of them and focus on the events of utmost importance and cost-benefit ratio. Some essential criteria include: 

  • The event’s geographical location. It is naturally easier to attend an event held in your country or at least on your continent. However, some audacious gatherings still happen far away. This way, you can include several local events and one overseas conference in your 2024 plan. 
  • The organizers’ reputation. Every conference or summit is arranged by some entity that has a certain standing in the FinTech world. The organizer’s specialization and reputation will affect the status of attendees. Therefore, you need to understand who holds the event to be sure you’ll meet your target audience there. 
  • The agenda and speakers. Those coming to FinTech events for education and understanding of innovative trends should study the agenda and speaker list very carefully. At times, you may travel half the world to listen to one visionary with exclusive knowledge and expertise in your business niche. 
  • Specialization and planned content. FinTech is a vast industry with many branches and sub-specializations. Some businesses focus on payments; others deal with cybersecurity. Thus, you may find one conference much more relevant than another in terms of knowledge and industry insights. 
  • Cost. Prices for tickets to conferences and summits vary wildly in the FinTech niche. Some events feature free access to visitors, while others require attendees to pay $1,000+ for entry. Thus, you should plan your 2024 conference budget first and then choose the most significant events it can cover. 

Top 45 FinTech Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss in 2024 

Here is a list of 45 of the best-known conferences, summits, and meetups dedicated to FinTech innovation. Choose the one to your liking and book a seat right now.

1January 16-18, 2024IFX Expo DubaiDubai, the UAEFree
2February 5-6, 2024FinTech Retreat (North America)San Francisco, CA$899 + $44.95 fee
3February 12-16, 2024Stockholm FinTech WeekStockholm, Swedenfrom SEK 2,500
4February 13-14, 2024CDAO Financial ServicesNew York, NYFree for VP and C-suite level executives
5February 26-28, 2024Identity & Payments SummitTucson, AZFrom $995
6February 27-28, 2024Finovate EuropeLondon, the UKAll-access pass £2,199
7February 28-29, 2024FiNext Conference DubaiDubai, the UAEStartup pass from $699
8March 3-6, 2024FinTech MeetupLas Vegas, NVFrom $1,595
9March 7, 2024Financial Cloud SummitLondon, the UK£500 + VAT
10March 7-8, 2024DeFi Retreat APACTokyo, JapanFrom $799 + $39.95 fee
11March 19-20, 2024Pay360London, the UKFree visitor pass
Conference & exhibition pass: £1,250
12March 20-21, 2024InsurTechNew York, NYFrom $1,076 + 60.43 fee
13April 2-3, 2024Future Digital FinanceNew Orleans, LAFrom $1,699
14April 8-12New York FinTech WeekNew York, NYFree (separate registration required for all events)
15April 9, 2024Banking and FinTech Innovation RoundtableNew York, NYn/a
16April 9-10, 2024Canadian FinTech Summit (CFS)Toronto, ONFrom $314
17April 10, 2024New York Empire Fintech ConferenceNew York, NYFree (for some categories)
18April 16-17, 2024FinTech TalentsNew York, NYfree
19April 17-19, 2024TransactLas Vegas, NVFrom $1,195
20April 23-25, 2024Money 20/20 GlobalBangkok, Thailand$2,795
21April 30-May 1, 2024DeFi Retreat North AmericaWashington, DCFrom $899 + $44.95 fee
22May 6-9Smarter Faster Payments 2024Miami, FLFrom $1,299
23May 7-8, 2024AI in Finance SummitLondon, the UKn/a
24May 14-15, 2024FinXtechTampa, FLFrom $995
25May 14-16, 2024Seamless Middle EastDubai, the UAEFree, $750 for 3-day pass
26May 21, 2024FTT Embedded Finance & Super-AppsLondon, the UKn/a
27May 21-23, 2024Finovate SpringSan Francisco, CAFrom $999
28May 29-31, 2024The 2024 Payments Canada SummitToronto, ONFrom CA$1,250
29June 4-6, 2024The 2024 U.S. FinTech SymposiumChicago, ILFrom $895
30June 4-6, 2024Money 20/20 EuropeAmsterdam, the Netherlands€2,895 + sales tax
31June 10-11, 2024DeFi Retreat EuropeParis, FranceFrom $599 + $29.95 fee
32June 10-14, 2024FinTech Week LondonLondon, the UKFrom £556
33June 12-13, 2024Generations 2024Charlotte, NC$299.99
34June 18-19, 20244th Annual Customer Experience in Financial Services Conference 2024London, the UKFree for visitors
35June 20-21, 2024FinTech World Forum 2024London, the UKFrom £495
36July 1-3, 2024Point Zero ForumZurich, Switzerlandn/a
37July 2-3, 2024Seamless North AfricaCairo, EgyptFree; $300 2-day conference pass
38August 7-9, 2024FinTech_DevconAustin, TX$895
39August 14-15, 2024VencentLittle Rock, KZn/a
40September 9-11, 2024Finovate FallNew York, NYFrom $1,099
41September 11-13, 2024Lend360Nashville, TNn/a
42September 19, 20243rd Annual Financial Innovation ForumLondon, the UKFrom £595
43November 6-8, 2024Singapore Fintech FestivalSingaporeFrom SGD500
44November 11-12, 2024Fintech Talents FestivalLondon, the UKn/a
45December 4-5, 2024Fintech ConnectLondon, the UKn/a


As you can see, FinTech industry participants are spoilt for choice when it comes to major gatherings of the brightest minds and top business representatives in 2024. Study the information on each event of interest to you, calculate your budget for this year, and book an early-bird seat at the conferences that can make a real difference to your business or career.


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Helen Petrashchuk
Helen Petraschuk
Managing Director
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