What is Know Your Customer Software?

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What is Know Your Customer software? Why is it important? What are its advantages and evolution? Read the article to find the answers.
Software Procurement Process, or Digital Transformation Milestones

Software Procurement Process

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The aim of the report was to collect feedback from 60+ organizations in the Banking and Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing sectors of different sizes to understand the way they conduct their software procurement processes.

Open source vs. proprietary software in banking

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Take a look at insiders' thoughts about proprietary and open source software solutions in banking and make your choice!

Commercial Loan Origination Solution Implementation by RNDpoint

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The story of successful teamwork that teaches how someone's negative result can become your success due to joint efforts. Read and learn the lesson.
Request for Proposal

How to attract a cool vendor with software development RFP

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In the article you'll find some advice on how to make a software development Request for Proposal with pros & cons, examples and a template. Check it out.

MFI: debt collection system is in the crossfire

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The article describes the idea of how debt collection software helps microcredit loan organizations fight coronavirus outbreak negative effects.
Smart Software Ideas for Offline To Online

Smart Software Ideas for Offline To Online

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In this article, we gathered together the ideas on how to move your business offline to online. Answer the COVID-19 outbreak!
FICO Debt Мanager

FICO Debt Мanager: you are not alone managing a delinquent loan

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Read the article to learn how FICO Debt manager works and what opportunities it gives to financial institutions in the sphere of delinquent debt management.
Loan Origination

Loan Origination: The Mass Production Of The Banking Industry

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Read the article to learn the loan origination automation approach, and how FICO Origination Manager makes the credit conveyor effective both for enterprise and SMB's.
Financial Data Analysis

Financial Data Analysis: New “Electricity” For The Banking Industry

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Read the article to learn how FICO Big Data Analyzer can automate business analytic processes, and Big Data make financial services more client-focused.