Business Opportunities During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected 2/3 of the population around the globe and keeps having a major impact on the global economy.

In times of crisis, it is very important to think creatively. Difficult situations often encourage progress. In this hard time, businesses cannot stop – they need to consider new opportunities and move forward.

At the time when many business owners do not know how to escape from the imminent crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak, others take a very creative look at the situation and find opportunities for development.

Go beyond just yourself. One curious example is the Keep Your City Smiling project. Here, a team of creative guys came up not only with a way to help themselves to survive a difficult time but also with the way to assist other companies to stay afloat.

This team worked for the US company serving weddings, festivals, parties, and conferences. After the COVID-19 outbreak, all activities which they were to be involved in were canceled.

However, the team decided to deal with the situation creatively instead of getting discouraged. Keep Your City Smiling project sells beautifully packaged boxes filled with products of small businesses operating in the Seattle area. Everyone who purchases such a box supports local manufacturers and receives many delicious and high-quality products.

Solve the current problems. Another interesting example is an American law firm. During the crisis, it has dared to open several additional offices. All thanks to the fact that the company was able to find a new demanded segment: both individuals and judicial institutions need to organize the work process in the form of video conferences more than ever. Thus, the company has filled this niche.

Find new customers. Deliveroo, a British delivery service, also had to transform its business. Previously, the company was engaged in the delivery of restaurant food only. Now, after the closure of restaurants, the company has changed its orientation and delivers basic necessities to consumers.

A garden on the windowsill. Due to the coronavirus disease, Grüneo startup has come up with a creative idea to green the apartments of those, who have no terraces and gardens, during the quarantine. To do this, Grüneo provides customers with boxes filled with all the necessary ingredients: seeds, fertilizers, biodegradable pots, soil, and instructions.

A gym at home. Gyms are also experiencing a decline in business. However, their owners do not get discouraged. For example, one of the gym owners rents sports equipment to his customers to exercise at home. And many coaches conduct training online today.

Online learning: business opportunities from home 

Online learning is more popular today than ever. With the closure of schools, universities, and all kinds of offline courses, the need for online learning is growing exponentially.

Be creative. Many educational institutions have lost the opportunity to do their business. There occurred a forced transition to distance learning. Even though this is the only way out today, teachers note many problems sharing their experience of such work.

Educational institutions take a creative approach and apply all possible methods for teaching children. They use online tools to open access to videos, textbooks, manuals, and podcasts. Ministries of education collaborate with telecommunications companies to implement a zero-tariff policy on Internet services to download the necessary training materials for free.

All is not lost that is in peril. In the current coronavirus and quarantine situation, many individuals and companies see the opportunities for development and earning in the field of education.

Many ideas are to be found here. There is a possibility to remotely:

  • teach a foreign language, for example, using such platforms as italki.com or takelessons.com,
  • set up and learn how to work in Zoom, Slack, Tandem, Miro, GumRoad, etc., having a little technical background (option available both for individuals and companies),
  • share your knowledge by recording an online course and posting it on sites like Teachable, Skillshare, or Udemy.

Restaurant business: survival during the coronavirus outbreak 

Many restaurants and bars located in areas most affected by the coronavirus disease are in crisis. Even more – they had to close.

If guests do not go to the restaurant then the restaurant goes to them! Restaurant business owners realized that they needed to look for ways to meet their customers. Therefore, many restaurants have switched to 100% takeaway service. Also, they are actively engaged in the meal delivery.

The answer is a fast transformation. For example, Seattle Canlis restaurant has quickly responded to the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The restaurant transformed into three different departments: a hamburger diner, a donut shop, and a lunch delivery service. As a result, the restaurant did not fire a single employee: everyone not involved in cooking took on the task of delivery.

Services sector: prosperity in times of crisis 

Delivery services are in huge demand. In today’s difficult conditions, consumers are afraid to leave their homes. Sometimes this is even completely forbidden to them. Thus, the delivery of essential goods is very important.

For example, the GrubSouth delivery company has hired 30 new drivers, and this is still not enough for them. To meet the demand, they need even more employees.

Cleaning services also experience a boom of customers. Recent pandemic events have forced them to expand their range of services and provide disinfection services for homes, offices, and restaurants. To cope with orders, many cleaning companies have hired new employees.

Entertainment: a creative response to business challenges 

The quarantine caused by the COVID-19 outbreak blocked millions of people in four walls. In such an environment, the entertainment industry is popular because it helps people to amuse themselves and have more fun while going through the quarantine time.

Excursions at home. The game industry is developing. New types of content are appearing, for example, online cooking classes, virtual tours of museums and exhibitions, online concerts.

A boom in board games. The demand for board games and puzzles has skyrocketed. The Pandemic board game is especially popular.

In the time of coronavirus, such old games as chess and backgammon have become more popular than ever. This is stated by Chess Gammon – an online store from the UK. This surge of interest is determined by the fact that these games enhance mental health.

The profitability of the board game business is proven by one example. Trekking The World board game on kickstarter.com has already raised $255,616 for its development at the time of writing this article. This indicates a great demand for this type of entertainment today.

Demand for video games. Video game manufacturers see a perspective for their business development. Many children are closed at home and do not go to school today. Therefore, educational and creative video games are now in demand more than ever.

Virtual bar – how do you like it? One of the most popular entertainment projects of the Coronavirus time is staythefuckhome.bar from shishki collective Russian creative agency. This is a virtual bar where people from all over the world can meet, have a drink, and support each other. The project has become incredibly popular. 120,000 people visited the virtual bar already in the first week. Today, the website already consists of 15 thematic bars.

Large-scale events: business opportunities online 

Many areas of business realized that in order to survive, they need to come to their customers themselves. Today, you can easily get in touch with users online. And this is possible not only for small groups but also for the multi-million audience, for example, to conduct large-scale events.

Grand launch of a new product. On February 13, Lei Jun held a 72-hour launch of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 5G product live. The event was attended by 12 million viewers who watched the speeches, participated in giveaways, and even attended a virtual art exhibition.

Fashion show online. There was also a Lanvin online fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week, which was watched by 5 million users.

Software as a way to find your customers 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, there have appeared many creative software ideas to attract and retain new users.

A shopping mall on a phone. Retail businesses selling goods in malls suffer hard times as their customers cannot come to them. So, the idea of the Streetify application was born. It is an eCommerce platform that provides an excellent business opportunity to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Retailers in the US, Great Britain, Australia, India, and Canada can place their storefront on the platform online for free. And users can go to the malls online and order goods to be delivered to their homes.

Skip checkout. In grocery stores, in turn, the flow of customers never stops. Yet their behavior has changed a lot. A large number of buyers do not want to stand in line. Fairway Markets used this time to promote its mobile application.

With this application, buyers scan their product barcodes using their phones and then scan a special QR code for payment. Thus, you do not have to stand in line to pay for your purchases.


In this article, we tried to collect as much information on the current situation in various business areas as possible. We also gave many examples of a creative approach to cope with the current situation.

However, we are sure that these are far from all ideas. There are a lot of talented and creative people in the world, who, no matter what happens to them, see an opportunity for growth and development. The fact that these people think not only about themselves gives great hope. The idea of giving a helping hand to others is in the midst of many solutions.

This incredible creative potential was also seen by Deutschland – Ein Land der Ideen German company. The company is getting ready to launch a platform for collecting business ideas born under the influence of coronavirus disease.

We are sure that this platform will fill up very quickly. After all, this time, along with many sad events, brought many new ideas aimed at helping and supporting people all over the world.

Sergei Artimenia

Director of Business Development

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